Difference Between Unix and Linux


Main Difference

The main difference between Unix and Linux is that Unix is an operating system that is most commonly used in the internet, servers and the workstations, however on the other hand, Linux is an open source that is commonly used for the hardware and software of the computers.

What is Unix?

According to the vendors, there are different kinds of Unix that have the different structures of the costs. However, the operating systems of Unix were developed more for the mainframes, servers as well as the workstations except the OSX that is most commonly known as the design for everyone. The systems of Unix were further divided into so many different kinds and most of them were developed by AT&T as well as by so many other commercial vendors and the non – profit organizations. When it comes to th file system support, Unix only support jfs, hfs, hfs+, gpfs, zfs, ufs and xfs formats. Moreover, Unix is such an operating system that is so very much popular in the universities and colleges these days as well as in the big companies and other enterprises, etc.


What is Linux?

On the other hand, Linux can be distributed easily as well as it can also be downloaded without any restrictions. Linux can be distributed really very easily with the help of magazines, books, etc. Normally, Linux is cheaper than the Windows and all the versions of Linux are of the same price. Moreover, Linux is developed by the Open Source Development and it can be easily installed on the huge variety of the hardware of the computers, video game consoles, tablet PCs, mobile phones etc. Linux usually support the formats of Ext2, Ext3. Ext4, Jfs, ReiserFS, Xfs, Btrfs, FAT, FAT32 and NTFS and Linux is an example of the Free operating system.


Key Differences

  1. Linux kernel is developed by the community, while the Unix operating system is used in the servers of the internet.
  2. Linux is usually developed for the Intel’s x86 hardware, ports available for the CPU types including ARM and Unix is available on the PA-RISC and the Itanium machines.
  3. Linux support many kind of processors, on the other hand Unix support the types of processors of Spark, x86/x64, PowerPC and so many more.
  4. Linux supports more processars than Unix.
  5. Unix is an operating system, while Linux is not.

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