Difference Between Voltage and Current


Main Difference

The main difference between current and voltage is that a current is the speed at which electric charge flows to a certain point and a voltage is the electric force that drives the current.

What is Voltage?

Voltage is denoted by the symbol V and is the electrical force that drives the current between points. It is measured by a voltmeter and the conversion unit is 1 joule. Voltage causes the current to take place. Without a current voltage can still occur. An electrostatic field creates voltage. If connected in series a voltage gets disturbed and cannot perform better and when connected parallel, it can perform in a much better position. When water is being spread a pressure is the voltage. Voltage is the pressure that the pipe insists when water is being spread. It is the difference between the point where water started and the point where it ended the pressure.


What is Current?

Current is denoted by the symbol I and is the rate at which the electric charges flow. It is measured by an ammeter and conversion rate is 1 coulomb. Current cannot occur without voltage. It is the effect of voltage which makes voltage the cause of current. Current is created in a magnetic field. Either it is connected in a series, current be easily flown is not disturbed however it does get disturbed when it is connected in parallel. When water is being spread the flow is the current. A current is the number of electron that passing through the pipe in the water. It measures the amount of water that goes.


Key Differences

  1. Voltage is measured in voltmeter and current is measured in ammeter.
  2. Voltage is the cause and current is the effect.
  3. Voltage gets disturbed when connected in series components however current remains same is not disturbed at all.
  4. Voltage is created in electrostatic field while current is created in magnetic field.
  5. The symbol for denoting voltage is V and for current its I.

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