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Google Car vs. Regular Car

The main difference between Google car and regular car is that all Google cars are driverless and electric while regular cars are both normal and hybrid and most of the regular cars needs driver to drive.

Key Differences

As Google cars are electric cars so they contains more electrical parts while regular car are mechanical rather than electrical as compare to Google cars.
Aimie Carlson
May 17, 2015
Google car are electric car while regular car are both normal and hybrid.
Regular car are those that you see running on the roads. Google car are still in testing process and will be available for public by 2020.
Google cars are driverless or robotic cars while regular cars can be driverless but most of the regular cars still need a driver to drive.

What is Google Car?

Google car is the project of Google that focuses on the developing of autonomous cars, specially electric cars. The software that powers the Google cars is called Google Chauffeur. It is a self-driving or driverless car. In May 2014, a new concept for the driverless car that had neither a steering wheel nor pedals was presented by Google. Google plans to make its cars available to the public in 2020. However, many U.S states have allow the driverless cars in their territory. The project team of Google has equipped a test of at least ten cars, including six Toyota Prius, and Audi TT, and three Lexus RX450h. The car has traversed San Francisco’s Lombard Street, famed for its steep hairpin turns, and through city traffic.

What is Regular Car?

A regular car or normal car is car that contains only internal combustion engine to work. There is no electrical motor in normal cars to assist the engine make power as present in hybrid cars. Regular cars mostly runs on petrol/diesel/gasoline or gas (CNG/LNG). Some regular cars contains maximum two distinct resources to run. It can be both diesel and petrol or gas. Many sports cars, racing cars, family cars, etc. are kind of regular cars. Their speed and efficiency is many time greater than hybrid car. Pick up ratio of regular car is also very higher than hybrid car. Most of the parts in regular car are mechanical rather than electrical that are in Google cars.

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