Difference Between Gelato and Ice Cream


Main Difference

As summer season is close to come, everyone like to eat gelato and ice cream. Everyone enjoys these two delicious and sweet dishes without any age restriction and without abandon. There should be an Icecream or gelato either it is in flavor of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, tooty fruity, or toasted marshmallow. All we need is just a cone of ice cream or cup of gelato.

What is Gelato?

Gelato is an Italian world that stands for solid ice cream. It contains less fat ingredients like egg yolks than ice cream, almost 10 percent of the total ingredient. However, milk is uses more than any other ingredients. The history of gelato is as old as ancient Egypt civilization. At that time it was made from snow and preserved below ground. It is most popular in Italy especially handmade gelato holds the 55% share of market versus factory made or industrial gelato. Main ingredients includes milk, cream, sugar, flavoring ingredient like fruit or nut puree and served when it is very cold.


What is Ice Cream?

Ice cream is a type of frozen sweet food made of dairy products like milk and cream and contained other ingredients such as nuts and flavors. It is always in smooth and semi sold form and requires very low temperatures to preserve. The history of ice cream is 200 BC years back when first Chinese had made the frozen mixture of milk and rice. All ingredients are first cooked into a custard and after custard is cooled, it is served at a less cold temperature.

Key Differences

  1. Ice cream contains more fats as compare to gelato. In gelato, fats are 10% of the total ingredients.
  2. Gelato requires more milk as compare to ice cream.
  3. Both are served into different temperatures. Gelato is served into very cold temperature while ice cream requires comparatively low temperature as compare to gelato.
  4. Gelato is more solid than ice cream. It take time to melt as compare to ice cream.
  5. Ice cream contains more air than gelato. A normal ice cream may have 25 to 90% air. While gelato may have 25 to 30% air.
  6. Gelato is widely used in Italy while ice cream is a worldwide sweet food and found in every country.
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