Direct Democracy vs. Indirect Democracy

The main difference between Direct Democracy and Indirect Democracy is that Direct Democracy where the people vote or elect directly on the laws or other issues that proposed. Indirect democracy where the people elect representatives who vote on laws on behalf of the people. Direct democracy conjures to the system in which people has the […]

Libel vs. Slander

The difference between libel and slander is that libel is written false news that can cause damage for a person whereas slander is only verbal false news that can cause havoc to a person. Defamatory statements are statements that cause damage for that person about which is that news. There is two type of defamatory […]

Imperialism vs. Colonialism

Colonialism and Imperialism are the two political or social moves that refer to the gaining of the political and economic power by dominating the weaker countries. Such moves are made by the stronger countries to ensure more power and strength for themselves. Imperialism is regarded as the idea or the policy, whereas the colonialism is […]

Caucus vs. Primary

Caucus and Primary both are the phenomena that refer towards the electing nominees for Presidential Elections in the US. In the different States of America, both these processes are practiced, and are used for choosing nominees for Presidential elections. Each state and parties in that state propose names of the nominees from the state, furthermore […]

Anti-Federalist vs. Federalist

According to the US history, after the American Revolution, the people who supported the federalism were referred as Federalist, whereas the people who were against it and oppose the cause were termed as Anti-Federalist. Anti-Federalist was the population of people who strongly oppose the concept of Federal Government. According to Anti-Federalist power should not only […]

Electoral Vote vs. Popular Vote

In the Presidential elections of USA, the president is elected by the composition of a particular ratio of Electoral votes and popular votes. Popular votes are the votes cast by the general public voters for electing their president of the country, Whereas Electoral votes are divided ratio of jury votes in each state of America […]

House of Representatives vs. Senate

The main difference between House of Representatives and Senate is that the members of House of Representatives are selected for the period of two years while the tenure of the members of Sensate is six years. Basis of Comparison House of Representatives Senate Definition House of Representatives is one of the two legislative houses of […]

Hot War vs. Cold War

The key difference between hot war and cold war is that hot war is an actual war between the army of two countries where many lives can be lost, and severe destruction can take place while cold war is a different kind of entity which is carried out by the government of two countries where […]

President vs. Prime Minister

Just like different forms of government exist, there are also different forms of rulers which run the country on the basis of their peoples will, political power or other factors. Usually it is said that the president of the United States is most powerful person in this world and therefore many people assume that a […]

Politics vs. Government

A country is run under different systems which include an economic system, cultural system, legal system but the most important type which exists that helps in running the country is known as the government system. It consists of politics and government both of the terms are related to each other in several ways but are […]

Populism vs. Progressivism

The American society holds rich heritage from different revolutions to ideologies, it has directly added much to the world burgeoning ‘modernization’. If we evaluate some last 150 years, Populism and Progressivism are the two ideologies or philosophies that went on to become movements in America. Populism, initiated back in late 19th century was a movement […]

Democracy vs. Monarchy

Various forms of government are usually discussed, and every way of running the country has its advantages of disadvantages. There are comparisons made on which one can be better than the other based on certain circumstances. Two similar forms of government are democracy and monarchy. There are distinct points which can show that these are […]

Liberals vs. Conservatives

Liberals and Conservatives are two schools of thoughts which have opposing views on several issues ranging from economy, politics, life, and society. Although these terms are mostly associated with American electoral system, people from all over the world belong to these two categories which define an individual. Ever since the turn of the century the […]

Democrat vs. Socialist

A proponent of democracy is called Democrat while one who advocates or practice socialism is called Socialist. A follower of Socialism is in the favor of government’s controlling the affairs of the country and means of the productions etc. with utmost hold on everything; a democrat does not advocate such an authority of a government […]