Difference Between Democrat and Socialist


Main Difference

A proponent of democracy is called Democrat while one who advocates or practice socialism is called Socialist. A follower of Socialism is in the favor of government’s controlling the affairs of the country and means of the productions etc. with utmost hold on everything; a democrat does not advocate such an authority of a government and such practice for the state as he believes the distribution of power should be made with the consensus of the masses. Basically, both these terms refer to two different aspects, which play a significant role in running a state. Socialist refers to an advocate of Socialism, which is an economic system in a social setting to form policies and systems basing on social ownership and democratic control on the economics of a state. Socialism can be divided into the market and non-market forms where non-market revolves around the substitution for an economic system based on engineering and technical standards. As to the origin of both Socialist and Democrat, both have traced back to old ages ranging from the era of Before Christ. The democratic system is one of the most celebrated ways of governing a state in the modern era. Most of the developed states and nations have been adopting and practicing this system of government as this one is considered to be the most successful and beneficial system for the masses as well as for the states. Democracy promotes the liberty and equality among the people to self-development in which masses either have a direct role in the government or elect someone as their representative.

Comparison Chart

Follower and advocate of the system which proposed a set of social and economic standards, strategies and mechanismA passionate follower and advocate of Democracy, a political ideology to run a state
Supports the citizen’s ownership of equityPeople should have their direct or indirect part in the government
People let the government decidePeople want to set their own leaders

Definition of Socialist

A Socialist is the follower and advocate of the system which proposed a set of social and economic standards, strategies and mechanism basing on social ownership and democratic control of the means of production of a state or country. Socialism is a political concept to allow the public to have ownership, cooperative ownership, citizen ownership of equity or any amalgamation of these. However, the highest form of socialism allows little or no regard for every citizen for civil freedom. It suggests that masses can’t enjoy the equal right to representation and the equal right to run office.

Definition of Democrat

Democrat is basically a passionate follower and advocate of Democracy, a political ideology to run a state. Democrat refers to a governing system where a centrist coalition includes some groups to form a government to run their state. A Democrat is also considered having a liberal mindset with progressive views to rule the state. Under such a system, all the people of a state have their contribution in making decisions related to the country level matters and affairs, commonly by voting to choose representatives to a parliament or similar assembly.


Differences in a Nutshell

  1. A Socialist advocates Socialism; a Democrat is a proponent of a Democratic system of ruling a country or state
  2. Both these terms refer to systems on which a state carries out its affairs with the public
  3. A Democrat believes people should have their direct or indirect part in the government machinery; a Socialist supports the citizen’s ownership of equity
  4. In a democracy, people elect their representatives by casting votes

Comparison Video

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There are the different school of thoughts whenever it comes to the way you want to lead your life. This is the case when it comes to the two main political parties in America. This article helps in explaining the differences between them and also give a proper idea to the reader of what they actually mean and where they come from.

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