Difference Between Left Wing and Right Wing


Main Difference

Every person has some sort of affiliation, some have them in the form of societies, some have as leaders, and some follow different ideologies while others become part of political parties. Individuals who join political parties follow some rules and regulations set by them or because they believe in the policies of that party. Two most famous school of thoughts, in this case, are left wing and right wing ideologies. It is a way of putting different stances and beliefs at one place. Both of them are opposite to each other and share very different views on various subjects. There are some instances where left wingers may agree with right-wingers and vice versa, but that is a rarity. The best way of looking at their differences is to define them. Left wing belongs to the more open, liberal type of people while right wing belongs to more conserved and typical type of individuals. Their policies depend on these basic definitions. Left-wingers believe that there should be equality in the way people earn their money. There should be proper tax payment system where everyone is bound to pay a specific amount on whatever they earn. On the other hand, right-wingers believe that there should be lower tax payment for people who make more because this way they will be able to contribute towards the well-being of the society. Similarly, in the case of health and education. Left wingers are the idea that government should provide health care facilities to everyone and it the prices should either be brought down, or proper insurance policies are provided. While the education system should be free and accessible for everyone. Right wingers believe that government should not play any role in the education, if someone wants to study privately, they should be allowed to do that. For health care, they are the point that government should stay away from this and let own authorities manage everything because they will be able to do it in a better way. On average, more people in the United States belong to the right wing while fewer of them are from the left side. There are many other differences as well, but detail about both these types is given in the following paragraphs.

Comparison Chart

Left WingRight Wing
Belong to the category of LiberalsBelong the group of conservatives.
Around 38% of the people all over the world belong to the left wingAround 47% of the people all over the world belong to the left wing
Health Insurance
Believe that health care should be managed by the governmentThink that it should be taken care off by private entities

Definition of Left Wing

The left wing originated from France during the industrial revolution and has made its way to the top level several times as the ruling form in many countries. It is based on the simple principle that government should assume responsibility for the things it is required to do so and leave the rest of the lives to people. Most famous people such as Marx, Hollande, Chomsky, and Buffett have been a supporter of this ideology while almost 23% of the individuals in the United States consider themselves to be a part of this. It can just be termed as a liberal point of view, where people are more open to new things and agree to change while adapting to it easily. They have a variety of opinion on different issues and are for abortion and gay rights. They believe in a representative set up where people get to choose their leaders and in return expect them to help make the lives of individuals better.


Definition of Right Wing

It also originated with the French Revolution in the 19th century when persons who wanted to get free during the regime of the king and preferred a new political system. Some people were still for the old rule and wanted to stop the left wingers which led to the formation of the right wing. Interestingly enough most population in the world still belong to the right wing even though a general conception is that people are more and more open to change. They believe that individuals should have more role in the betterment of society, and the government should not get involved in the fundamental issues. Many famous people such as Thatcher, Washington and Churchill have been favoring this system which is more famous in the European countries. They are considered a little extremist because of their strict views on things such as LGBT rights and abortion. While some are even for religion playing a part in the ruling.

Difference in a Nutshell

  1. Left wingers belong to the category of Liberals while Right-wingers belong the group of conservatives.
  2. Around 38% of the people all over the world belong to the left wing while 47% of individuals belong to the right wing.
  3. Left wingers believe in economic equality and payment of the specific amount of tax for everyone. Right wingers believe in fewer taxes for people who bring in revenue for the betterment of society.
  4. Left-wingers believe that health care should be managed by the government while right wingers think that it should be taken care off by private entities.
  5. Left wing people want free education for everyone while right wing ones say that education should be everyone’s choice.
  6. Left wingers think that everyone from abroad should be entitled to get the citizenship, but right wingers say that it should not be available for everyone.
  7. Abortion is the issue which is supported by left wingers while right wingers are against any such action.
  8. Left wing follows the political doctrine of democracy while right wing follows the capitalist theory.
  9. Most traditional left wing networks include The New York Times while the most prominent right-wing network include Fox News.


Some terms which are very common in daily language and political terms can have alternative meaning too and that is the reason, left wing and right wing have been explained in this article. It lays out the main points about them, which help in people making sure they are able to understand what is the main difference between them.

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