Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives


Main Difference

Liberals and Conservatives are two schools of thoughts which have opposing views on several issues ranging from economy, politics, life, and society. Although these terms are mostly associated with American electoral system, people from all over the world belong to these two categories which define an individual. Ever since the turn of the century the number of liberals has been increasing though there aren’t less amount of conservatives either who have their own big circle. There are many core differences between these two, but both the terms represent themselves and the people associated with them. Liberals are of the view that changing with time is necessary for everyone to survive and believe in modifying themselves according to the modern needs. Conservatives are of the opinion that people need to stick with the set of rules that have been laid for them from the beginning and resist any sort of unnecessary change. Most liberals are for keeping religion and government separate as the state has no right to interfere with the personal views of individuals, while conservatives are for keeping both of them together and argue that religion is the basis of all the activities. More often than not, people belonging from the mixed race will be liberals as they believe in diversity while conservatives mostly stick to their own and feel at ease among people with more steady thoughts. Liberals therefore think and make use of being a minority and originating from a different race. Conservatives believe that the only criteria for everything have to be personal ability. Since liberals are prone to change, and city lives are faster with people tend to change with the latest trends, they prefer living in the towns. Conservatives, on the other hand, are most likely to live in rural areas where live is slow, and people stick to their norms. They do have some common issues on which they agree, but they are not the major issues. More often than not both the sides will contradict each other on the main issues. In political terms liberals are referred to as left wingers, conservatives, on the contrary, are known as right wingers.

Comparison Chart

DefinitionPeople who have strict views on various subjects especially government and religion.People who believe in changing along with the modern trends and want the government to play a significant role in making sure that people can adapt to social and political changes that occur frequently.
NaturePeople who are not willing to change with time.People who are willing to change with time.
BeliefBelieve that religion should be taken into account whenever possible.Believe that religion should not play a significant role in forming laws and government policies.

Definition of Conservatives

Conservatives are defined as people who have strict views on various subjects especially government and religion. They believe that government is responsible for providing a set of rules that people should follow, and they should originate from religion and therefore, oppose things such as gay marriages, will of women in case of abortion and are for death penalties. Conservatives also believe in preserving the norms of the society and think that changing the way people live their lives can lead to social destruction. Their point of view on the economy is that people are allowed to do anything as long as they are providing a profit. Also, that people should be responsible for themselves, and there should be no political influence. They will not be willing to listen to a new suggestion or accommodate various point of views within themselves. The administration should make sure that people get all the necessary tools to achieve their aims and even if things have changed, they can be brought back to the way they once were.


Definition of Liberals

Liberals are defined as people who believe in changing along with the modern trends and want the government to play a significant role in making sure that people can adapt to social and political changes that occur frequently. Such people are open minded on various issues such as gay marriages. Believe that issues like abortion should be left for individuals to decide and human life should not be taken in the form of death penalties. Liberals are open to new suggestions and have diverse views on different world issues. They believe that people should be transparent in the way they earn a living and most other aspects of life. They also are of the view that practicing religion is everyone’s free choice, and individuals should not be forced to follow a set of religious laws by the administration. It should also make sure everyone gets equal opportunity to be successful in earning a living, and any problems pupils face should be solved by the state.

Differences in a Nutshell

  1. Liberals are people who are willing to change with time while conservatives are people who want to stick to the way things have always been.
  2. Liberals believe that religion should not play a significant role in forming laws and government policies while conservatives believe that religion should be taken into account whenever possible.
  3. Liberals are flexible in their views and thoughts while conservatives are hardliners who have a strict stance on issues.
  4. Liberals think that government should provide the facilities to people in achieving their goals while conservatives believe that individuals should use their abilities to get their way.
  5. Liberals assert that regulations should be such that society benefits from it while conservatives emphasize that people themselves should work to making the society better.
  6. Liberals stress the importance of having unity between people while conservatives put more emphasis on individualism.

Comparison Video

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There are different school of thoughts whenever it comes to the way you want to lead your life. This is the case when it comes to the two main political parties in the America. This article helps in explaining the differences between them and also give a proper idea to the reader of what they actually mean and where they come from.

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