Difference Between Windows and Linux


Main Difference

Any computing device or system is unable to perform without any operating system. Mac, Linux and Windows are different kinds of operating system, which are like a fuel, heart or manager to run your system. Here we will discuss about Windows and Linux, their advantages and differences. Before debating about the differences, first we will take the concept of Windows and Linux one by one.

What is Windows?

Windows is the first operating system of personal computers having graphical user interface, which was initially released by Microsoft in 20 November 1985. It is available in 137 international languages, which is itself is written in C, C++ and Assembly languages. This operating system is available for both professional and personal computer. You can use it to many brands like HP, Dell, IBM, Sony and Toshiba. Moreover, Windows operating system is also for many mobile companies like HTC, Nokia and Samsung.


What is Linux?

Linux is an free open source operating system for computers, laptops and mobiles, which is available since 1991. Initially it was introduced for Intel X-86 PCs. This operating system is very popular in mainframe and supercomputers. In latest report of November 2014, 97% of top 500 super computers of world are using different version of Linux. Personal computers, mobile devices, servers and super computers are its main markets.

Key Differences

  1. Linux is available for lot of devices including varieties of computers and big range of mobile phones, tablet PC and mainframes. Windows is available for less devices than Linux. It is mostly available for desktop PC, laptops and some Windows mobile phones.
  2. Basic version of Linux is available free of cost while you have to pay for updated and latest version. Windows version price starts from $50 to $450. In short, paid packages of Windows are more expensive than Linux.
  3. Linux is an open source software and Windows is a closed source software.
  4. Because Linux is an open source software so whenever a users faces a threat or problem he report the same on community discussion form and developers starts to finding the solution. While Windows OS takes 2 to 3 month for correction of reported threat and error and after that releases new patches and updates.
  5. Red Hat, Android and Debian are examples of Linux OS. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 are examples of Windows OS.
  6. If you are a game lover than most of the games are supportable by Windows. While games compatible range in Linux is very low and less features are available for games.
  7. Torvalds is the developer of Linux and Microsoft is developing the Windows.
  8. Most of the drivers manufactures are providing lot of compatible graphics drivers for Windows, which are less available for Linux.
  9. Linux OS is most secure than Windows OS. Until now, 150 viruses have been reported to Linux, which are very less than 70,000 viruses reported to Windows.
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