Difference Between Security and Privacy


Main Difference

At first glance, security and privacy looks like a same for the reason that both relates to protection of something. Many people argue that both are the same things and interrelate with each other, but many negate this statement. However, in reality some difference between security and privacy exists. Before solving this complex issue, it is important to make an understanding of both.

What is Security?

Security mean to protect yourself, your home, organization or country from any external threat, danger or unexpected incident. It is one of the important part of our life. The major loss of not having security is that you can deprived from those precious and beloved things, which are important for you, and you care about them. Security is a wide term that includes physical security, financial security, national security, international security, information technology security, etc.


Following are the some different types of security:

  • When it is about life, physical security mean to guard your life or health from your enemy or unexpected events. You can assure physical security by a security guard and health insurance, for your life and health respectively.
  • Another is financial security which mean to take measures to get rid of stress of job loss and being unemployed or fear of losing the money. By investing money in profitable business or learning new courses, you can secure your professional career and financial benefits respectively.
  • National security mean to sustain and develop your country through economic growth, best infrastructure, brave armed forces and maintaining law and order. In case of not having precautionary measures risk of internal disaster will be high.
  • Another is international security which mean to assure the securities of all countries by International Organizations and United States. Through mutual harmony of trade, defense, economics all nations can maintain international security.
  • With modernization of technology chances of unauthorized access, misuse, hacking, illegal tactics towards networking are increasing day bay day. There comes the need of technology security which can be assured through proper network administration and network security.

What is Privacy?

Privacy mean make a barrier between you and others people about your personal life, problems, secrets or information. It mean to restrain people from poking nose in your personal life. It is your natal right to keep secrecy of your personal life and law of almost all countries protects it.This right becomes more important when you suspect some wrong person around you, who can misuse of you. Privacy is not limited to your personal life it involves other persons too. In case of government agencies, banks, cellular mobile companies or national data base management authorities you are not allow to share personal information of any citizen or client with someone else. Campiness often do not share it secret formula or ingredients with anyone else, this is also a privacy.


Following are some different types of privacy:

  • Personal privacy mean to hold something personal about you and keep it secret orsharewith other people according to your own will.
  • Public privacy, which is associated with the public. If you are at a position, where you are required to keep record of public then it is your prime responsibility not to make any unauthorized use of their data and protect the record from external world.
  • Data privacy can be about a company secret documents or secret manufacturing formula of a company. In both cases, the intention of the parties is to keep away opponents from them.
  • Then there is online privacy. This term relates to public policy but difference is that many social services Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp performs it by firewall. They restrict the unauthorized persons to access to your account or personal information.

Key Differences

  1. In most cases, security is always in a physical form like a physical security, health security, life security, building security, etc. In short, it relates to protection of intangible assets. On the other hand, privacy has often no physical form it mostly relates to protection of intangible assets and materials.
  2. Privacy is associated with the information about yourself and others but many kinds of securities are associated with things, which belongs to others. Mostly privacy is maintain by us while government and agencies are responsible for security measures.
  3. Unsatisfactory security measures can result into huge loss, like reputational and financial, connected with your personal life or country. Failure in privacy protection is also harmful but not much as security.
  4. In both cases, law prohibits unauthorized access or offense. However, breach of security comes in the net of criminal law and privacy in civil law.
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