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Chrome vs. Chromium: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 14, 2023
Chrome is a web browser developed by Google; Chromium is its open-source counterpart.

Key Differences

Chrome is a proprietary web browser created and maintained by Google. Chromium, on the other hand, is the open-source project upon which Chrome is built.
Chrome comes with integrated features like automatic updates and a built-in Flash player, while Chromium lacks these by default.
The Chrome browser is known for its polished user interface and stability. In contrast, Chromium serves as the bleeding edge, where new but less tested features are introduced.
One of the primary distinctions is in their licensing: Chrome's licensing includes proprietary components, whereas Chromium is released under the BSD license.
While Chrome typically has more user-friendly features and integrations, Chromium offers greater transparency and freedom, often favored by developers and privacy enthusiasts.

Comparison Chart


Proprietary web browser
Open-source project


Integrated features like automatic updates & Flash
Lacks some integrated features

User Interface

Polished and user-friendly
More basic


Includes proprietary components
BSD license

Target Audience

General users
Developers, tech-savvy users

Chrome and Chromium Definitions


Chrome is used to describe a type of decorative plating.
The vintage car was adorned with chrome bumpers.


Chromium refers to the open-source version of the Chrome browser.
Developers often prefer Chromium for its open-source nature.


Chrome refers to a shiny, silver-like finish.
The motorcycle's chrome details sparkled in the sun.


Chromium is essential for human nutrition in trace amounts.
Some people take chromium supplements to regulate blood sugar.


Chrome indicates the Google web browser.
I downloaded the latest version of Chrome to my computer.


Chromium is a chemical element with the symbol Cr.
Chromium is used in the making of stainless steel.


Chrome implies a particular visual aesthetic characterized by bright, reflective surfaces.
The diner had a retro chrome interior.


Chromium compounds are used in dyes and paints.
The artist used a pigment containing chromium to achieve that green shade.


Chrome can represent elements or details that enhance visual appeal.
The designer added some chrome to the webpage for a sleek look.


Chromium is used in various industrial applications, including metal finishing.
The factory processes metals with chromium to prevent rusting.


Chromium or a chromium alloy.


A lustrous, hard, steel-gray metallic element, resistant to tarnish and corrosion and found primarily in chromite. It is used in the hardening of steel alloys and the production of stainless steels, in corrosion-resistant decorative platings, and as a pigment in glass. Atomic number 24; atomic weight 51.996; melting point 1,907°C; boiling point 2,671°C; specific gravity 7.15; valence 2, 3, 6. See Periodic Table.


Something plated with a chromium alloy.


A chemical element (symbol Cr) with an atomic number of 24: a steely-grey, lustrous, hard and brittle transition metal.


A comparatively rare element occurring most abundantly in the mineral chromite. Atomic weight 52.5. Symbol Cr. When isolated it is a hard, brittle, grayish white metal, fusible with difficulty. Its chief commercial importance is for its compounds, as potassium chromate, lead chromate, etc., which are brilliantly colored and are used dyeing and calico printing. Called also chrome.


A hard brittle blue-white multivalent metallic element; resistant to corrosion and tarnishing


Can I find a built-in Flash player in Chromium?

No, Chromium lacks a built-in Flash player, unlike Chrome.

How does Chromium relate to Chrome?

Chromium is the open-source project upon which Google's Chrome browser is built.

Is Chrome's source code entirely open-source?

No, while Chrome is based on Chromium, it has proprietary components.

Which browser generally has more user-friendly features, Chrome or Chromium?

Chrome typically has more user-friendly features than Chromium.

Why do developers sometimes prefer Chromium over Chrome?

Developers may prefer Chromium for its open-source nature and transparency.

What is the chemical symbol for chromium?

The chemical symbol for chromium is Cr.

Is chromium used in any foods or supplements?

Yes, chromium is essential for human nutrition in trace amounts and is found in some supplements.

What is Chrome primarily known for?

Chrome is primarily known as a web browser developed by Google.

Do both Chrome and Chromium support extensions?

Yes, both Chrome and Chromium support browser extensions.

Which has more frequent updates, Chrome or Chromium?

Chromium typically has more frequent updates being the bleeding edge.

Why is Chromium often preferred for privacy?

Chromium lacks certain tracking and reporting features that are present in Chrome.

Do Chrome and Chromium have the same logo?

No, while they are similar, the logos have distinct color variations.

Are there any other browsers built on Chromium?

Yes, many browsers, such as Microsoft Edge and Brave, are built on the Chromium platform.

Are Chrome and Chromium the same in terms of appearance?

While they are similar, Chrome usually has a more polished user interface.

Why is chromium used in stainless steel?

Chromium is used in stainless steel for its ability to resist rusting.

How do Chrome and Chromium handle user data?

Chrome has user tracking for features like search prediction, while Chromium doesn't have these by default.
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