Difference Between System Restore and System Recovery


Main Difference

System Restore and System Recovery relates to rolling back files from hard disk, registry, system memory or other storage media. Moreover, both are designed to fix your PC’s problems and errors. They are different from each other due to their functions and usage. Before understanding the difference, it is essential to understand both individually.

What is System Restore?

System restore mean to regain your system to the earlier state when you think it was working properly. It is a useful tool of Microsoft, which can help you to fix problem of those program, which are slowing your system speed. Whenever your installed a program or software and after a time you realize that due to this specific program or software your system is not working efficiently and performance become low. Then with the help of system restore, you can retake the earlier position, which you think was perfect condition and set for system restore. Actually, system restore makes the backup of your data. Whenever you use this tool, it will erase all the programs, installed after system restore date except My Documents Folder. Therefore, it is a suggestion that you should save your important data in My Documents or any external hard drive, which will be safe after system restore.


What is System Recovery?

System recovery is a technique by which you can regain the default factory setting of Window Operating System, which was set by manufacturer. This tool is used to repair and fix any damages produced into your operating system. You can fix your files and damaged system through system recovery options. Don not mix up system recovery with system restore because it erases all you data either it is a personal data or installed software. This will keep only those functions, which were installed by manufacturer. After system recovery, your system will look as new as it was on the purchasing date. System recovery can be done by two methods. By partition recovery method or by a CD/DVD. It is a suggestion that you must save your data on any external hard disk or other removable media before using system recovery option. Because it will wipe up all you data, whether it is stored in My Documents. After performing system recovery update your window so that your operation system can match with latest features.


Key Differences

  1. System restore is associated with computer system while system recovery is associated with windows operation system.
  2. System restore is an easy and short process. System recovery is a very difficult and long process. It needs hours to perform system recovery and sometimes-even days are required to perform system recovery.
  3. In system restore, you can save your data either in My Documents or any removable disk. In system recovery data should be save only on any removable disk. Saving data in My Documents is harmful, because it will erased automatically after system recovery.
  4. Although system recovery is difficult to perform but in comparison to system restore it removes all the bad files and viruses from your system which sometimes missed by system restore.
  5. System restore erase only that data, which was installed after system restore point or date while system recovery deletes all your registry and hard drive and make only one partition.
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