Difference Between Stem and Trunk


Main Difference

Stem and trunk, every are parts of a tree. They are used interchangeably by many botanists of the world. The elementary between stem and trunk is, trunk varieties the precept development of the tree which serves as an essential help to your entire tree. Stem is known to help the branches of the bushes. Trunk moreover helps the branches and is itself supported by roots of a tree.

What is Stem?

A stem is no doubt one of many elementary buildings of a vascular plant. Stem is unquestionably used after we seek the advice of with a plant. Stem of a plant is a straw like development the place flowers are grown. Stem is suppose to help the buds, leaves, fruits and many alternative parts of a plant, it moreover helps in transportation of weight loss plan all through your entire plant. Plant receives water, minerals and sugars by means of stems. Stem may be hooked as much as the precept trunk. Moreover, stem moreover convey leaves straight into the daylight, serving to the leaves to make meals for them by means of the tactic of photosynthesis. Stem has three elementary parts which can be, xylem, phloem and cambium. The elementary carry out of phloem is to carry meals to your entire plant, which is made by the tactic of photosynthesis and xylem carries water by way of your complete dimension of plant.


What is Trunk?

Trunk is connected to the roots of a tree. Trunk is roofed by bark and it does not have leaves protruding of it. Trunk can also be referred to as bole and is the precept supporting development of the bushes. It carries your entire tree cowl. Trunk has rings inside which can be acknowledged to predict the age of a certain tree, when it is decrease. Trunk could possibly be very useful as lumber and may be utilized in making picket furnishings. Many utensils are created from wood, too. Construction work moreover requires wood and moreover it’s used for decorative goal.

Key Differences

  1. Trunk is the precept supporting development of a tree which is connected to roots, whereas stem is simply not.
  2. Leaves do not stick out of trunk whereas they do stick out of the stems.
  3. We use the phrase ‘stem’ principally for vegetation and the phrase ‘trunk’ is used for bushes significantly.
  4. Stem serves to hold leaves and flowers.
  5. Stem has many sorts whereas a trunk has only one type.
  6. Trunk has strains on it, when it is decrease and these strains mirror the age of a certain tree.
  7. Stems wouldn’t have a surrounding bark not like trunk.
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