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Oracle Database vs. MS SQL Server: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 14, 2023
Oracle Database is a comprehensive relational database management system by Oracle Corporation. MS SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft.

Key Differences

Oracle Database is a robust and scalable relational database management system by Oracle Corporation, while MS SQL Server, developed by Microsoft, provides similar RDBMS functionality with tight integration with other Microsoft services. Both platforms offer comprehensive solutions for managing, retrieving, and storing data.
In the domain of data warehousing, Oracle Database often touts its high degree of scalability and reliability, while MS SQL Server emphasizes its ease of use and seamless integration with other Microsoft products, making each choice preferable in different enterprise contexts. Both platforms are giants in the industry, providing extensive toolsets for data management.
When discussing cloud solutions, Oracle Database offers Oracle Cloud with various services, while MS SQL Server leverages the vast infrastructure of Microsoft Azure. Both are trying to adapt to the growing demands for cloud-native database solutions, thereby offering different cloud services to meet customer needs.
Regarding programming and development, Oracle Database typically utilizes PL/SQL for procedures and triggers, whereas MS SQL Server uses Transact-SQL, a proprietary extension for SQL. Both platforms provide developers with powerful programming extensions to manage data and implement business logic within the database itself.
On the aspect of licensing and cost, Oracle Database is often perceived as a costlier solution compared to MS SQL Server, especially for smaller businesses or startups. On the other hand, MS SQL Server might present a more budget-friendly option while also providing a wide array of features, even though both provide enterprise-grade capabilities.

Comparison Chart

Name Structure

Two words, where "Oracle" is the company name
Three words, with "MS" abbreviating Microsoft


Two words, both are spelled without any separation
MS SQL has an abbreviation and a space between words


Both words "Oracle" and "Database" are capitalized
"MS" and "SQL" are capitalized, "Server" is also capitalized

Syllable Count

Oracle (3 syllables), Database (3 syllables)
MS (1 syllable), SQL (3 syllables), Server (2 syllables)

Usage in a Sentence

Used as a noun, generally does not act as a different part of speech
Also used as a noun, does not usually function as another part of speech

Oracle Database and MS SQL Server Definitions

Oracle Database

Oracle Database ensures high data availability and reliability through various data recovery techniques.
The firm ensured zero data loss during the crash, thanks to Oracle Database’s reliable backup mechanism.

MS SQL Server

MS SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft.
The development team decided to implement MS SQL Server to manage the application's data efficiently.

Oracle Database

Oracle Database is known for its capability to handle large-scale data processing and transaction management.
Managing massive financial transactions efficiently became possible for the bank after implementing Oracle Database.

MS SQL Server

MS SQL Server also offers a version that runs on Linux and Docker containers, broadening its usability across different operating systems.
By deploying MS SQL Server on a Linux-based system, the tech company was able to maintain system consistency across their infrastructure.

Oracle Database

Oracle Database uses a proprietary language called PL/SQL for scripting stored procedures and triggers.
The developer wrote a complex PL/SQL procedure to automate data validation in the Oracle Database.

MS SQL Server

MS SQL Server uses Transact-SQL, an extension of SQL that includes procedural programming and local variables.
The programmer created a Transact-SQL stored procedure to optimize query performance on the MS SQL Server.

Oracle Database

Oracle Database is a widely-used relational database management system from Oracle Corporation.
The IT department decided to migrate their legacy system to Oracle Database to improve data management efficiency.

MS SQL Server

MS SQL Server offers integrated solutions with other Microsoft products, ensuring seamless connectivity and utility across platforms.
Utilizing MS SQL Server allowed the organization to integrate their database seamlessly with their existing Microsoft 365 apps.

Oracle Database

Oracle Database provides extensive options for cloud integration and data warehousing solutions.
By leveraging Oracle Database Cloud Services, the company enhanced its data accessibility and security.

MS SQL Server

MS SQL Server provides comprehensive data management and analytical solutions for various business scales and domains.
To enhance their data analytics capabilities, the retail company employed MS SQL Server to manage and analyze customer purchase data.


Who developed MS SQL Server?

MS SQL Server is developed by Microsoft.

What scripting language does Oracle Database use?

Oracle Database uses PL/SQL.

Is Oracle Database considered cost-effective for small businesses?

Oracle Database may be perceived as costly for small businesses compared to alternative solutions.

Can Oracle Database be integrated with third-party applications?

Yes, Oracle Database can be integrated with numerous third-party applications through various APIs and connectors.

Is MS SQL Server compatible with cloud infrastructures?

Yes, MS SQL Server offers cloud integration, notably through Microsoft Azure.

Can Oracle Database handle big data solutions?

Yes, Oracle Database offers solutions designed to manage and analyze big data.

What security features does MS SQL Server provide?

MS SQL Server offers various security features like encryption, authentication, and authorization.

What platforms support Oracle Database?

Oracle Database is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Unix.

What are the storage capacity limitations of Oracle Database?

Oracle Database can handle up to 8 exabytes of data, providing substantial storage capacity for varied needs.

What is Transact-SQL in the context of MS SQL Server?

Transact-SQL is MS SQL Server's proprietary extension of SQL, enabling procedural programming.

How scalable is Oracle Database?

Oracle Database is highly scalable, capable of managing extensive, complex datasets and high transaction volumes.

Is there a free version of MS SQL Server?

Yes, MS SQL Server offers a free Express edition with certain limitations.

What industries commonly use Oracle Database?

Various industries, like finance, healthcare, and retail, utilize Oracle Database for its robust data management capabilities.

How does Oracle Database ensure data recovery?

Oracle Database provides features like Flashback and Data Guard to facilitate data recovery.

How can I access data from MS SQL Server remotely?

You can access MS SQL Server data remotely using various tools and interfaces, such as SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and Azure Data Studio, configured with the appropriate remote access settings.

What is Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)?

Oracle RAC is a clustering technology that enables multiple instances of Oracle Database to manage a single database to ensure high availability and scalability.

What is Oracle Database?

Oracle Database is a relational database management system developed by Oracle Corporation.

Does Oracle Database offer cloud solutions?

Yes, Oracle Database provides cloud services through Oracle Cloud.

Can MS SQL Server be used with Linux?

Yes, MS SQL Server has a version that supports Linux and Docker containers.

What is MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)?

SSRS is a solution by MS SQL Server to design, generate, and manage reports based on data stored in a database.

What are some alternatives to Oracle Database?

Alternatives to Oracle Database include MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL Server.

Is MS SQL Server used in enterprise-level applications?

Yes, MS SQL Server is widely used in various enterprise-level applications across different industries.

Is it possible to migrate from Oracle Database to MS SQL Server?

Yes, migration from Oracle Database to MS SQL Server can be performed using various tools and methodologies, such as using the SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) from Microsoft.

What kind of support is available for MS SQL Server?

Microsoft provides various support options for MS SQL Server, including documentation, forums, and premium support plans.

How does MS SQL Server support data warehousing?

MS SQL Server provides features and services like SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) to support data warehousing.

What is MS SQL Server’s role in business intelligence?

MS SQL Server offers business intelligence tools, providing analytics and data visualization capabilities.
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