Difference Between Dicot Root vs. Monocot Root

Main Difference

Both, monocot and dicot roots belong to vegetation. The principal between dicot and monocot root is, dicot toot contains xylem inside the coronary heart and phloem surrounding it. While fairly the other, monocot root comprise xylem and phloem in an alternate methodology, forming a circle. The roots of monocot are fibrous whereas that of dicot are faucet roots.

What is Dicot Root?

Dicot root has has xylem inside the type of ‘X’ which is surrounded by phloem. Moreover, it is obtained faucet roots. In a dicot root, the number of xylem and phloem is mounted. Vessels of xylem are angular or polygonal in kind, as soon as we decrease it in transverse half. Conjunctive tissue in a dicot root is parenchymatous, which varieties vascular cambium.

What is Monocot Root?

Monocot root has xylem and phloem in an alternating methodology. Moreover, it is obtained fibrous roots. Xylem and phloem are fairly just a few in amount in a monocot root. The vessels of xylem are rounded or oval. Conjunctive tissue in a monocot root is normally sclerenchymatous, usually it might probably be parenchymatous as properly.

Key Differences

  1. In a dicot root, the number of xylem and phloem is mounted whereas in a monocot, they’re fairly just a few in amount.
  2. Pith is absent or very small in a dicot root whereas it is huge and properly developed in a monocot root.
  3. Secondary growth occurs in a dicot root nonetheless not in a monocot root.
  4. The cortex of a monocot root is intensive whereas that of a dicot root is slim.
  5. Xylem vessels are rounded in a monocot root and angular in a dicot root.

Comparison Video