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The CCNA is a primary level credential the main target of which is to provide the basic knowledge of switching and routing. It is mainly utilize for the basic motive of establishing a firm base in the networking field. On the other hand, the CCNP is much advanced cert which is offered to those IT Pros who have a solid foundation in the field of switching and routing. The deeper understanding in the area of routing and switching concepts and protocols is vital for earning this Cisco credential. The CCNP candidates are required to become master of routing, switching and troubleshooting.

Key Differences

The eligibility for participating in the CCNA assessment is mainly consist of passing 12th class with 50% marks. Together with the 12th class passing result with at least 50% marks, a valid CCNA certificate and one year of networking experience is essential for appearing in the CCNP test.
The CCNA credential can enhance the career growth of the network specialists and administrations. They are able to work as a network support engineer. Contrary, the CCNP certification holders are skilled for working as a support, systems or network engineer.
The CCNA cert is developed for those IT related people who wish to work on small scale as it caters only the basics of switches and routers. While the CCNP certificate is available for those IT Professionals who are looking for working on a bigger level with experts.

What is CCNA?

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. The CCNA certified beings have the skills and knowhow vital for installing, operating, and configuring switches as well as routers at an enterprise level. After obtaining the CCNA credential, the potential employers will come to recognize that the CCNA certified person is able to implement connections to remote sites including the WAN. This certification is a surety that the certified being can secure the network is secure from malicious attacks. Plus, the certified person can make out and fix the common issues that may occur from these networks. In order to qualify for CCNP test, the CCNA certificate is necessary.

What is CCNP?

From the term of CCNP, we mean the Cisco Certified Network Personnel that is more advance as compare to CCNA. Acquiring CCNA cert is the pre-requisite before applying for the CCNP credential exam. As an outcome, it is rather tough examination which is not meant for the beginners. The CCNP certified being is able to perform the CCNA functionalities on a broader scale. The CCNP certified people are capable of maintaining the local-area networks (LAN) and WAN at the same time. Moreover, they have the ability to work with specialists for catering the superior solutions needed for security, voice and wireless.

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