Difference Between Mrs. and Ms.


Main Difference

There are different ways of referring to people in daily life. Men are mentioned by other means while women in other traditions are based on certain factors. Different titles are given to individuals based on their education level, their marital level, and the position they are working currently.

Putting the acronyms with women’s names are of three types which can be confusing for people they are called Mrs., and Ms. How they are used depends on the definition and the difference between them lies in that explanation.

Mrs. is the term that is used for women who are currently married and care should be taken in referring to women with such a title since it does not depend on the educational level or for females who are single.


Ms. is a term which is usually confused as to how to use it, most people are of the view that it depends on the marital level of a girl, but that might not always be true. It can be used for both married and unmarried ones but is often used in professional sectors as a sign of respect.

The best example of this will be someone working at an organization and is referred to as Ms. most of the time. Another category by which they are used is the educational level.

Ms. is used for women who are working in different sectors such as business and engineering while Mrs. is used to call the wives of personnel who have a corporate background. A brief of the differences between these three terms and an explanation will be given in the sections which follow.


Comparison Chart

Always used for the women who are officially married.Used for women who may or may not be married
Official Use
Used for the women who are wives of people currently working in a companyUsed for females who collaborate in an organization
Refer women on an equal levelUsed as an alternative to calling women by their names

Definition of Mrs.

This word is used for women who are married, this is specifically for the ones who have a husband and use their name. The best example of this will be the wedding card on which a couple is invited as Mr. and Mrs. In the corporate world this term is very common for the wives of people who are working in a company. It originated from the word mister but does not have a proper history.

Definition of Ms.

This word originated to show equality towards females and is therefore used for women who are married or unmarried. There are no specific rules for this and can be utilized for the ones who are working, or the ones who are not working the main aim of it was to end the discrimination, as it was called. It did not originate from any other word.

Differences in a Nutshell

  1. Ms. is used for women who may or may not be married while Mrs. is always utilized for the women who are officially married.
  2. Ms. is a term for females who collaborates in an organization while Mrs. is saved for the women who are wives of people currently working in a company.
  3. These two terms are used for women only.
  4. Mrs. was used as an alternative to calling women by their names once they got married. Ms. was used to refer to women on an equal level without taking into account their relationship status.
  5. While writing letters and memos care is taken to refer to these two types separately because of the in-company antiquates.


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