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Linux Mint vs. Ubuntu Mate

To understand the difference between these two terms first, we need to define where these come from. There are many operating systems which are used to run different obligatory functions while managing a program, one of such systems which is also known as Distros for Distributions are operating systems which are used to run different software and are based on a package management system which runs various functions. Since they are easy to use, people who are new to the world of computers find them easy to use and get accustomed to the actions, two such distros are known as Linux Mint and Ubuntu Mate. Both have their own disadvantages and advantages and keep their user base, but there are some differences between them which will be explained in the next few lines. The first main difference between them is the system requirement, although they are similar but few differences in the standards still exist. For example, Linux Mint system requires a minimum space of 9 gigabytes space while the requirement for Ubuntu Mate is a minimum of 5 gigabytes. There is also a difference in the screen resolution of both these systems. Ubuntu supports a display resolution of a maximum 1024 × 768, but Linux supports a maximum of 800 × 600 resolution. The maximum space required for both of them to function is 25 GB and 20 GB respectively. There are also differences in the way the operating systems are installed. Since Ubuntu is certified by Microsoft, the installation package is similar to the current window system and easy for the person installing but since Linux is not certified there are problems with different functions, everyone cannot fix them quickly. There is also marked variations in the user interface of the two with Ubuntu using the Unity interface which resembles the function of a desktop platform which has a dashboard for all the features available. The interface of Linux has been made similar to Microsoft to give it a competitive edge. There are many other differences between them as well, but a detailed explanation of both of these is provided in the next couple of paragraphs.

Key Differences

Ubuntu uses the Unity interface which seems similar to a desktop application with all the features available through a button. Linux Mint uses the MATE interface which looks just like the Microsoft one.
Ubuntu is certified by Microsoft while Linux does not have a Microsoft certification.
In the case of security, there is no viral protection in the Linux model, but there is virus protection available for Ubuntu but no serious threats exist.
Janet White
Aug 03, 2016
Ubuntu was released in 2004 making it the first entrant in the market between the two, while Linux Mint was released a couple of years later in 2006 making it the newer in comparison.
Software used by both of them are similar too, but Ubuntu uses the most advanced software.
Aimie Carlson
Aug 03, 2016
Ubuntu comes with all the features installed in the package while Linux requires people to install different codecs for using it.
Aimie Carlson
Aug 03, 2016
Both have the same package manager with dpkg, but Ubuntu uses an extra package called Click.
Harlon Moss
Aug 03, 2016
Installing Ubuntu is easier as compared to Linux.
Linux system is developed by Linux Mint Community while Ubuntu is developed by Canonical Limited.
Samantha Walker
Aug 03, 2016

Comparison Chart


Released a couple of years later in 2006 making it the newer in comparison
Released in 2004 making it the first entrant in the market


MATE interface
Unity interface


Not certified by Microsoft
certified by Microsoft


No viral protection
Viral protection
Aimie Carlson
Aug 03, 2016

Definition of Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the most famous operating systems for new users which has different applications too, the most famous ones include Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Evolution and many others. Another advantage it has that the distribution of this software is free while different other features can be purchased at a nominal price. It was developed in 2004 and therefore became the older one between the two. It has an easy to use interface which has features resembling that of a desktop application, on pressing the button all the features are visible.

Definition of Linux Mint

It was developed two years later in 2006 and has not obtained certification from Microsoft. Therefore, people might find it difficult to install since it misses different features. This fact is made up for by its use of an interface which is similar to Microsoft. It has different features which are presently free of cost along with the installation and does not require the purchase of other features as well. Applications of this include Mozilla Firefox, and the latest version came in the market as recent as 2016.

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