Difference Between Browser and Search Engine


Main Difference

The world of internet has many advantages, it helps people get to know the latest happenings around the world and information about the things they want. This all is made possible with the aid of different options which are available. Two such objects which support people in using the internet are the browser and search engine. Both have few things in common and some differences which will be discussed in this space. The main difference between these two is that a browser is something which helps people to visit a particular website while a search engine is a tool which lets people look for different information terms and related sites. The best example of the web browser is Google Chrome, which is the most used currently while operating system has their own web browsers such as Internet Explorer by Microsoft. While the most famous search engine has to be Google, which has been used for several years, now, other search engines such as Bing from Microsoft and Yahoo are far behind. It is easy to navigate from one option to the other in a search engine, but a browser can be difficult to find options since it is a large program with multiple features. Some of the salient differences and brief descriptions of both these are given in the next few paragraphs. Both can be of benefit to people collectively since a search engine can be integrated with a web browser to help people get these tools at one place. That said, a browser has to be downloaded from the internet and installed in the system. People can also reach the search engine with the help of a browser and can install the browser with the support of a search engine since they are dependent on each other.

Comparison Chart

Search EngineBrowser
WorkA platform where people can look for a variety of sitesAn application which helps people in opening different websites
UseSimpleComplicated in comparison
ExampleThe best case of a search engine is Google, Bing, and Yahoo.The best example for a web browser is Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox
OptionsThere are less options on the search engineThere are more options on the internet browser

Definition of Browser

The web browser is a platform where people can find a variety of information with the help of internet and stay updated with various other issues such as news and sports and many other topics. The type of info which is there is of different kinds such as pictures, videos, pdf files, documents and text. Initially, there was the possibility of the only word typed information but over the years the developments have allowed for the use of information being available in different forms. The process is easy, people have to enter the website address of the site they want to open, and they will be redirected to that address. The most famous browser includes Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


Definition of Search Engine

Search engines are software implementation that whatever a person needs to find on the web they are available to do that with the help of entering the text. The search engines use different algorithms which help in deciding what the person is looking for, based on the text entry. It shows the links, videos or pictures of related terms to make it easier for individuals who want to find since they are unsure about opening a particular site. The most famous search engine is Google, while other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing are also used. Most websites tend to come up with their own search engines but in the end are redirected or get their information from the modern search engines.

Difference in a Nutshell

  1. A browser is an application which helps people in opening different websites while a search engine is a platform where people can look for a variety of sites.
  2. The best example for a web browser is Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox while the best case of a search engine is Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  3. A search engine is simpler to use while a web browser is complicated.
  4. There are more options on the internet browser while options on the search engine are only the relevant ones.
  5. A search engine can be integrated with a web browser while a web browser cannot be incorporated into a search engine.
  6. Search engines cannot have their own web browsers while a web browser can have its own search engine.
  7. A browser has to be installed on the laptop of a cell phone while a search engine just has to be searched on the internet.

Comparison Video

YouTube video


The two terms which are very similar to each other but in reality are different can become a trouble if you don’t give much concentration. Search engine and browser are two such terms which are usually confused by people who do not know much about them. Hopefully, after reading this article that would have changed.

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