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Jailbreaking vs. Unlocking iPhone

Jailbreaking is one of the most common features that is used within the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It simply allows a user to install any kind of the application from places other than the Apple app store. Talking about the unlocking feature with this feature the user will be allowed to use the iPhone with any wireless carrier by removing the "lock". Jail breaking and unlocking is used in both the mobile devices as well as tablets. Its main purpose is in terms of accessing with the third-party application who are not able to get it from the Apple's Store. Moreover they are even involved to enable the switching carriers so that in this way it can become compatible with multiple networks. In short we can say that in the Jail breaking iPhone firmware is all modified through they allow them to run the files in a normal way. This feature is not allowed in Apple. It will be able to give you with the help in adding some sort of unofficial applications to your iPhone. On the other side of the story unlocking the iPhone has been set with some sort of limitations. Unlocking an iPhone means that you should remove SIM restrictions on top of the modem just as allowing the use of iPhone on any carrier. There are basically two types of iPhone unlock systems including software unlock and hardware unlock. You can use the one according to your requirements and needs. This is all we have ended up with the complete survey of comparison, concept discussion and differences of jail breaking and unlocking iPhone! We hope that it would have helped you a lot to know the actual difference between the functioning of these two methods of iPhone.

Key Differences

Jail breaking is all about installing any kind of the third party application on our iPhones. Unlocking your iPhone gives you the allowance as in which you can use any SIM card on it.
Unlocked iPhones do have the better and much excellent resell value. Carrying out with the jail breaking can damage the look and all the graphics of your handset. But in unlocking nothing of such kind happen. You have the option as in which you can unlock your iPhone once your iPhone is jail broken.

Comparison Chart


All about installing any kind of the third party application on our iPhones
Gives you the allowance as in which you can use any SIM card on it

Resale Value

Much lower
Very high


Jail breaking can damage the look and all the graphics of your handset
Nothing of such kind happens

Jailbreaking and Unlocking iPhone Definitions


Infl of jailbreak

Definition of Jailbreaking

Apple has a complete control on thousands of applications that are functioning on the iOS devices. This is the main reason that sometimes they do put the restrictions on some of the applications in terms of installation and downloading. For that sake we provide you with the assistance of the jail breaking feature! With the jail breaking you will be able to install with all types of applications which Apple is not permitting you to install. It even assists you in the situations where you can customize your iPhone all the way by adding and applying new graphics, designs as well as layouts. In the past this method was considered to be illegal. But now it has become officially legal in US. Some of the iPhone users have a conception that they are free to use the iPhone in whatever they like once they have buy it. In short terms we would say that Jail breaking is the process of removing all kinds of the limitations that have been imposed by Apple on top of these iOS devices it sells. At the time of jail breaking the iPhone your graphics and look of the handset will be affected a lot.

Definition of Unlocking

The system of unlocking the iPhone is all about the removal of the SIM limitations as in this way you get the chance of using any kind of carrier in any part of the world. Software unlocking appears to be much safer than the hardware one. Software unlock not at all modify your iPhone and it can be reversed. But the only main fault in it is that before you set off unlocking your iPhone you have to jailbreak it. You can only do this through the way of either computer or iPhone as well. This can even mess up your settings which you can restore back by factory settings. Plus this method even permits its consumer to make the use of different wireless service without putting themselves into the trouble to change the phone. There is one big flaw that is present within this system! As you will be set off to unlock your iPhone you have jailbreak it first. Unlocking will not give any kind of damaging look to your Iphone and graphics. Normally unlocking the iPhone will be going to increase the value of its resale.

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