Difference Between Grazing and Detritus


Key Difference

Through this post we will be discussing in detail review about the grazing and detritus methods! Some of the people do have a conception that both of these methods are same in functioning but that’s not true at all! Food chain production is defined as the complete series of the organisms that are accountable for the production of the food as well as energy along with their passage. There are basically two main types of food chains including Grazing food chain and Detritus food chain. Both of them are food chain that is included with the producers, consumers and decomposers. But there are some major differences between both of the food chains that make their concept complete separate. Mentioning with Grazing food chain it usually takes place in the means of green plans that are acting upon as the producers. Now in the detritus food chain it usually starts with dead organic matter that is hence eaten away by animals. And yet these animals are ultimately eaten away by other animals. Grazing food chain is comprised with the minimum less fraction of the energy that is flowing all the way through the various types of the food chain. But in the detritus food chain much larger fraction of energy is view up. Grazing Food chain is attached with the inorganic nutrients and the detritus hence releases the inorganic nutrients that are bounded up together in the form of the organic matter. Grazing food chain is found to be complete directly dependent on top of the influx of solar radiation. But in the detritus food chain the energy of the food chain is derived from the organic wastes, exudates and even from the dead matter termed as detritus.

Comparison Chart

DefinitionIn the food chain of grazing, the producers are mentioned with the name of green plants.Mentioned to be a type of the food chain that hence began in the means of the dead organic matter.
DecompositionOrganic matter is not decomposed in grazingOrganic matter is completely decomposed in detritus
BenefitIs helpful to fix up the inorganic nutrients.Helpful in fixing the inorganic and organic nutrients.

Definition of Grazing

In the food chain of grazing the producers are mentioned with the name of green plants. All these green plants are eaten away by the herbivorous animals which are further eaten up by carnivorous animals. In this way the whole process of the food chain continues. The main source of energy in this whole process is sun. This food chain has the ability in terms of adding the energy generated from this food chain as in the ecosystem. Normally the energy that travels into this chain it is less in amount. It is added with all the macroscopic organisms. It is very much different from the true predation just for the reason that the organism being grazed upon is not generally killed. Moreover they do not help in nutrient cycle. Mostly the large size of organisms are best to maintain this type of the food chain. Grazing food chain is included with quite a lot minimum less fraction of the energy that is flowing from the way of different types of the food chain.


Definition of Detritus

Detritus is mentioned to be a type of the food chain that hence began in the means of the dead organic matter. Later on this dead organic matter is eaten up by animals. And afterwards all such dead animals are further eaten up by other animals. At the stage of the tropical level the animals can be herbivores, omnivores or carnivores. In this method all types of the sub soil organisms are hence included within the food chain of detritus. They do mention the involvement of nutrient cycle. In this method small organism maintain this type of food chain. The method of the detritus is very much different from the method of grazing food chain. This is because this method is concerned about the dead living organisms and grazing food chain is all about the living organisms.

Key Differences

  1. Grazing food chain method starts with the green plants. But in the case of the detritus food chain it normally starts with dead organic matter.
  2. Organic matter is complete decomposed in detritus but it does not happened in the method of grazing.
  3. Grazing food chain is accountable to add energy into the ecosystem. Grazing food chain is helpful to fix up the inorganic nutrients. It has the less form of energy fraction as compare to the grazing food chain method.
  4. Detritus is much helpful in fixing the inorganic nutrients.
  5. Grazing food chain method usually takes place in the company of the green plants but in the process detritus it begins with decomposers at the first trophic level. There are many more differences that are witnessed within these two methods that eventually make their production to be completely different from one another.


All in all, the article focuses on explaining the two main ways of how food is utilized in the echo system. Most people confuse both the terms even though they are related in a way but are different in the overall scheme of things. This space has given a broader idea to people on how they differ from each other. We hope that through this detail review report you must have learnt enough information about the comparison of grazing and detritus method along with their working concepts and differences in the nutshell!

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