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Difference Between Sprite and 7UP


Main Difference

The main difference between Sprite and 7UP is that Sprite uses sodium salt in its preparation whereas potassium salt is being used in 7UP preparation.

Sprite vs. 7UP

Cold drinks are one of the beverages which are famous all over the world and are consumed in massive amounts. Two most famous brands of such drinks are known as Sprite and 7UP. They in some cases taste similar and even look similar, but there are differences in the way they are made, from where they are made and their formula. Sprite belongs to the Coca-Cola company while 7UP belongs to the Pepsi Cola company. Another noticeable difference between them are the prices, the sprite is usually costlier than 7UP. There is another difference between them which comes down to the chemical salt being used. Sprite uses sodium salt in its preparation while potassium salt is used in 7UP which gives both of them a distinct taste. Both of them use lemon as the main ingredient, but the content of carbonation is higher in 7UP in comparison to Sprite. When it comes to sales, Sprite has the lead over 7UP since it is one of the most sold brands in the world. Sprite, since it belongs to Coca-Cola, was originated from Germany while 7UP was first introduced in the United States. That said, 7UP was the first entrant in the market and started its manufacturing as early as 1929 while Sprite entered the market in 1961. Sprite has around 8% share in the market and is ranked as the 6th most sold the brand in the world while 7UP only has 2% of the share in the market and is out of the top 10 list. Some of the other differences between these along with a brief explanation of both these types are given in the latter paragraphs.


Comparison Chart

The band of Coca-Cola companyThe band of Pepsi Cola company
Was introduced in the market in 1960Was introduced in the market in 1929
Main Salt
Uses sodium as the proper salt in its formulaUses potassium as the proper salt in its formula
Introduced in the United StatesIntroduced in Germany
Market Share

What is 7UP?

In 1929 to introduce something different Pepsi brought 7UP in the market which was a lime based drink which used lemon as the main component and used different salts. Initially, it could not get much recognition, but slowly people developed some interest in this drink which became famous in the late 1940’s. There was no main competitor of 7UP until the early 1960’s and even when Sprite was introduced later in the decade, it was able to maintain its fame. Due to various experimentations with the taste, slowly it began to lose its stronghold and market share went down, by the turn of century Sprite took over as the main one, and market share of 7UP was reduced to just 2%. It was famous in Asian regions but currently is losing its popularity in those areas too.


What is Sprite?

It was introduced to rival 7UP, by Coca-Cola and initially it looked like the wrong thing to do since Sprite could not gain much popularity. Slowly it started to make its mark because of various offers being given to customers. It was introduced in Germany and used sodium as the first salt which gave it a different taste. Due to better marketing, it was able to take the lead and currently is the 6th most famous soft drink in the world with a market share of 8%. It was already famous in the United States and Europe but now has made its name in the Asian market too. Though its prices are higher as compared to 7UP, still people prefer it due to various reasons.

Key Differences

  1. Sprite is the band of Coca-Cola company while 7UP is the brand of Pepsi Cola company.
  2. Sprite was the late entrant in the market while 7UP was the first entrant.
  3. 7UP was introduced in the market in 1929 while Sprite was introduced in 1961.
  4. 7UP uses potassium as the proper salt in its formula while Sprite uses sodium as the first
  5. The share of Sprite in the market is 8% while the proportion of 7UP in the market is 2%.
  6. 7UP was introduced in the United States while Sprite was introduced in Germany for the first time.
  7. 7UP is more common in Asian region while Sprite is the most famous one in American and Europe.
  8. There is less carbonation in Sprite while the carbonation in 7UP is much more.


We all love drinks and when it comes to soft drinks the excitement gets even bigger. Sprite and 7UP have been the main competitors in the market and this article helps people in getting the idea of how they are different from each other and what are they key points related to them. Hopefully, that would have helped a few people.

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