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Incomplete Dominance vs. Co-Dominance

Well Incomplete Dominance and Co - Dominance are two most important terms which students often face so many times at the period of inheritance of traits. Some of the immature students many times failed to understand the concept of the Incomplete Dominance and Co- Dominance. At the time of the genetic inheritance as in support of each single trait there are two dissimilar alleles that are inherited by the offspring from each parent. Well in them one of the alleles is dominant while the other one is known out to be recessive. The trait that is all visible at the time of offspring is of the dominant allele while the recessive trait will always remain disappeared. For example imagine that if a child father has brown eyes and mother has blue eyes then child will be getting the one allele each for eye color from both parents and hence the dominant allele is on the side of the brown color. Genes do include the alleles which have genetic sequencing known out with the name of DNA sequences. All such kind of the sequences will be giving you with the complete detailed information about traits that are passed as from parents to offspring. Each single gene has been included with the dominant and recessive alleles. It is dominant alleles that show up while recessive alleles remain hidden. We hope that through this article you must have got enough information about the incomplete dominance and Co-dominance comparison as well as their functioning concepts and their direct differences!

Key Differences

In the Incomplete dominance the expressed form of the phenomena will not be having any allele of their own. But in the Co-dominance method the phenotype will be presenting with the mixture of both alleles and phenotypes.
In the method of the incomplete dominance the outcome trait is known as the combination of the traits of the parents. But in view of the Co-dominance method both of the traits are implicating out in the offspring.
In the Incomplete Co-dominance you will get an idea that effect of one side of allele will be much more prominent. But in the Co-dominance method both of the alleles are much noticed.
Incomplete dominance and co dominance are mainly known as the types of inheritance of traits where both of them alleles can be dominant or they can be recessive.
In the Incomplete dominance you will be capturing a complete blend of the expressions of both alleles. But in the co dominance method you will not be finding with any kind of mixture within alleles.

Comparison Chart


The outcome trait is known as the combination of the traits of the parents
Both of the traits are implicating out in the offspring


You will get an idea that effect of one side of allele will be much more prominent
Both of the alleles are much noticed.


Dominant or Recessive
Dominant and Recessive

Incomplete Dominance and Co-Dominance Definitions


Alternative form of codominance

Definition of Incomplete Dominance

Now firstly we will be discussion about the method of incomplete dominance for the readers! Incomplete dominance is mainly defined to be the method of intermediate inheritance as in which one allele are in the support of some specific trait is not completely expressed over by the paired allele. This will be giving rise to the third phenotype as in which the expressed physical trait is said to be the mixture of phenotypes of both alleles. As you know the fact that inside the complete dominance inheritance just as one allele does not dominate or you can say as mask the other allele. Incomplete dominance usually takes place in the form of the polygenic inheritance of traits in which we will mention about the eye color and skin color. So this was the complete process of the incomplete dominance that makes it much important at the time of inheritance of the traits.

Definition of Co-Dominance

On the next we have the method about the Co dominance! Do you know that the way you are acting and the way you are looking is just because of your genes. Genes is a term that is defined as the units of hereditary information. They are hence located on segments of chromosomes. The genes in support of some specific trait are present inside various or we would say as different forms known as alleles. You can say that Co-dominance is a method as where offspring will be going to receive neither dominant nor recessive genes. But as they are considered to be the combination of both of them therefore both of alleles will get mixed up and show in the portion of the offspring. Hence all in all we can say that both the methods of the incomplete dominance and codominance are much same like in the nature but at the end their outcome is totally different traits in offspring that gives both of the methods with some dissimilarity. They do have their own concepts of inheritance of genes and traits that makes them much different from one another. These differences give both of the methods with a complete different unique look.

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