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Hard Work vs. Smart Work

Key Differences

Those who work smartly gains more and those who work hard gain less after a long lapse of time.
Aimie Carlson
Jan 22, 2015
Level of motivation and inspiration in hard work always higher than smart work.
Hard work sometime has no time period of completion while in smart work there is always pre set time period for the accomplishment of a task or target.
Those who works smartly are able to set priorities while those who works hardly just starts work without setting any priorities or ultimate goal.
Janet White
Jan 22, 2015
Working hardly can cause stress and strain while chances of stress and strain remains very low in case of smart work.
Janet White
Jan 22, 2015
Hard work means applying full physical effort with applying less brain while smart work means making effort through brain and less dependency on physical effort.
Samantha Walker
Jan 22, 2015
Just doing hard work means burning the candle at both ends. Hard work never end with a favorable achievement. While smart work always results in some success as a person act more realistic in smart work.
Completion of work is measurable in smart work because everything is running according to plan while there are low chances of measurement of work performed in case of hard work.
Sometimes people who become over smart accept defeat very early but those who works hard never accept the defeat very easily.
Janet White
Jan 22, 2015

What is Hard Work?

Hard work means inserting a great deal of effort and passion into your work. We work hard because we want to achieve something important, which cannot be achieved without too much effort. Hard work is a key to success. Exceptions are always there but they are rare and we often achieve that for which we struggle. In case of hard work, people often failed to plan targets and insert all their efforts at one place and result declared in form of failure after too much effort.

What is Smart Work?

Smart work also means to put effort and passion in to your work but do all the work intelligently and smartly and accomplishing the goals. If we learn the meaning of each alphabet of smart than it looks: S stands for specific; M for measurable; A for attainable; R for result oriented; and T for time bound. So the collective meaning of smart work means to be specific in your goal, plan for achievements and set time limit for each task or target. If you will act upon on this advice, you will surely become successful in your aim.

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