Difference Between Social Media and Social Networking


Main Difference

Understanding the difference between social media and social network is not a difficult job. They are different from each others like day and night are different from each others. Their differences are important to understand as they will help you to choose a better platform for promotion of your business brand or any idea.

What is Social Media?

Social media are computer base mediated tools and programs, which allow people to share and create information or idea, in whatever form image, video or text, among them through a network. You can also take it as an Internet based group of people or virtual communities. Every person either it is any organization, community or a person can use it. First there was traditional media then there came industrial media and now social media has nearly replaced the all kind of media due to its quality, speed, performance and frequency. According to Nielsen most of the Internet users spend lot of their time on social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest are some famous social media services. Among these Facebook is the largest social media service.


What is Social Networking?

Social Networking means any kind of social structure exists between two or more persons. It can also exists between organizations, in addition to between individuals. It can be on any social media or in a real form by meeting regularly or developing a community. Social networking allows you to make relationship with others and buildup trust and loyalty. It is most reliable, rich and authentic means of communication as everyone in the group or network try to propagate an authentic news. For many decades people are creating communities and networks but first time the term social networking or social group was used in 1980 by Emile Durkheim and Ferdinand Tonnies.


Key Differences

  1. First there is difference between definitions. Social media is used to share any kind of information widely and every user has the equal opportunity to access and share the information. Social networking mostly exists between those individuals and organization have common interests or goals.
  2. Social media is wholly a virtual form of communication and can be carry out if you have an Internet connection. Social networking is possible through both social media and by developing a physical community.
  3. Social media allows you to propagate your message or idea to a large public while message in social networking can be conveyed to only number of people in the group.
  4. Social media is a best place for marketing while social networking is best for discussion and building relationship.
  5. Social media news are mostly rumor and have no reliable source while in social networking everyone try his best to convey authentic and reliable news.

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