Difference Between Miss USA and Miss America


Main Difference

Miss USA and Miss America they are both run by different organizations. their motivations and the judging criteria both are different. two vastly different competitions with winners. only similarity is that they choose a “Miss” as winner. As A former Miss USA said “Miss America is the girl who lives next door, Miss USA is the girl you wish lived next door.”

What is Miss USA?

Miss USA is privately owned and organized by Donald Trump and it is a part of the world Miss Universe Organization. This title is also very famous in order to make a good standing position while you are willing to work with the high-end brands and the firms.


What is Miss America?

Miss America is a non-profitable organization with the main purpose of providing scholar ships.This title is also considered as a stepping stone for those females who are wiling to make their career stand at a good position while they are on the verge of starting it.

Key Differences

  1. Miss USA does not judges the Talent round on the other hand a Talent round is much more important in Miss America competition. it scores for about 33 percent of the final scores.
  2. The Winner of the Miss America gets a Prestigious scholar ship as well as a chance of competing at Miss universe. Miss USA gets to compete at Miss Universe.
  3. Miss America is a more educational competition and Miss USA is a beauty pageant.
  4. Miss USA have Evening wear, swimsuit and interview portion. The format of Miss America is different .
  5. Miss America is a non profitable organization and the winner have to work for children’s Miracle network, Miss USA on the other hand have completely different organizations like American Cancer Society.
  6. They have different age limits. it is 24 for Miss America and 27 for Miss USA, thus many contestants participate in both competitions.
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