Difference Between Procedure and Function


Main Difference

The main difference is that Procedure is a standard process or way of doing certain things and usually the function is result of that process or the goal which was set to achieve through performing certain procedures. For example the function of knife is to cut and the procedure of cutting is performed by holding the knife and putting its Sharpe edge against the surface to be cut. In the same way a court performs the function of bringing justice through the procedure of trials and arguments.

What is Procedure?

A procedure is a specific way of performing certain functions. It is a standard process which follows an array of steps in specific order and then brings the result. Procedures are usually an official way of performing certain tasks, the court procedure, the clinical trial etc. A procedure can end without being successful.


What is Function?

A function is a set of process which may or may not bring about a change. A function comprises of starting elements and end results. For example the function of a sewing machine is to sew cloth with the thread. A machine can have many functions as well. Like a computer which uses the binary code language and performs the tasks we command or a human body which functions to survive and provide proper oxygen supply to all the tissues.

Key Differences

  1. Procedure is a way of doing things while function is the thing being done.
  2. Procedure is a standard way, if it changes it will be altogether another procedure the end results can be same. But if a function is changed it will be a new function completely and ther end result will be changed as well.
  3. A function can be performed through a Different of procedures.
  4. A function is objective or goal of a society or Machine while a Procedure is the way of doing things.
  5. A procedure may be completed without performing the function but a function can never be achieved without procedures.
  6. A procedure is an English literature word while functions are mathematical terms as well.
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