Difference Between Cambridge and Oxford


Main Difference

There is not much difference between both of them, but according to their courses they can be differentiated. Both of them have a highly professional faculty that is education hundreds of students each year.

What is Cambridge?

These two universities are commonly cited many times together, by the different politicians and the different journalists. Cambridge refers to the sessions and calls them ‘supervisions’. The students are assessed informally throughout their courses by the help of the tutorials and the supervisions. These students are assessed by the examinations that is more than in one year of their course.

What is Oxford?

Oxford asses their students based on the examinations that are at the end of each year. It is ranked at the 5th top university of the world, and is ranked as the 3rd one based on the academics. The basic scope of this university is for the life sciences, medicine, arts & humanities and for social sciences and management.


Key Differences

  1. Cambridge asses their students by the examinations which is more than one year, while Cambridge asses at the end of each year.
  2. Cambridge is ranked at the 4th spot for engineering and technology, while the oxford is ranked at the 13th spot.
  3. Cambridge is much targeted for studying natural sciences than the Oxford.
  4. Cambridge charges heavy fees for the non-EU undergraduates than the Oxford.
  5. Basic scope for the Oxford is sciences, medicine, arts & humanities and for social sciences and management while Cambridge focuses on the engineering and technology.
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