Difference Between Father and Dad


Main Difference

Father is male parent of a child who is actually responsible for child’s birth by sharing his DNA. The man who just gave up his sperm for child birth is father and may or may not shares in child’s development. Dad is affectionate with his child, who actively participate in the growth, development and grooming of the child. Although both terms are used in same manner commonly but it is easier to be a father than dad in actual meanings.

What is Father?

Father is biologically responsible for the birth of child. He is the male parent of child who denoted his sperm for child’s birth. Child has the DNA of his father. He may or may not perform his role for the care and development of the child. All the fathers are not perform their duties towards their children. Many fathers have a believe that once the baby is born, their responsibility is no more. He may provide shelter food and shelter to the child and family but is unaware of his child’s nature. He even don’t know the likes and dislikes of his child. He don’t know what is status of his studies and even has no care of child’s mental development.


What is Dad?

Dad is affectionate to his child. He creates friendly environment for his child. he is just a like a friend of his child who takes care of his each and every thing. Dad may also be a biological father but not compulsory, he may be a step-father, his uncle, grandfather or a big brother. Dad play important role in the nourishment of his child and his education. Dad is always there for his child through thick and thin as a best friend. He plays with his child. He is the one who creates confidence in his child. Dad is a relation of extreme love and emotions with his child.


Key Differences

  1. Father is biologically responsible for his child’s birth but dad may or may not be.
  2. Father may be affectionate to his child but dad is surely affectionate to his child
  3. It is quite is to be a father than to be a dad.
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