Difference Between UP and UP24


Main Difference

UP and UP24 are the tracking devices for your fitness and level of actions. Both are different in the way of operation. The main difference is in their ways of transmitting data to the UP mobile app. To upload your wearable data with UP, you need to take off your band, plug in into your phone with 3.5mm headphone socket. While in UP24, you don’t have the need to take off your band, but your wristband has Bluetooth feature which transfers your information to your mobile wirelessly.

What is UP?

UP is a device for tracking your fitness and levels of actions. You wear it on your wrist. It records your body movements. You can transfer your information to your Smartphone. For that purpose, you have to take off your wristband, connect it to your phone with 3.5mm headphone socket and then you are enable to transfer your information. It is flexible made of hypoallergenic TPU rubber.


What is UP24?

UP24 is latest version as compare to UP. UP24 is also a device for tracking your fitness and levels of actions. It records your body movements. You can transfer your information to your Smartphone, without taking off the band. As the wristband of UP24 has a feature of Bluetooth which enables it to sync with your phone and transfer data wirelessly.

Key Differences

  • Data transfer to Smartphone needs wired connection in UP while it is done wirelessly in UP 24.
  • UP24 is latest than UP.
  • Wristband of UP24 has Bluetooth while UP don’t have Bluetooth.
  • Up is available is four colors i.e. Onyx, light grey, green, blue while UP24 is available in two colors i.e. orange and onyx.
  • Battery life of UP is up to 10 days while that of UP24 is up to 7 days which is comparatively less due to its Bluetooth feature.
  • UP24 is comparatively costly than UP.
  • UP24 the data transfer is in real time and seamless while in UP it is not in real time.
  • UP24 has a small sync jack inside its cap while UP have headphone jack.

Comparison Video

YouTube video
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