Difference Between Happiness and Joy


Main Difference

Happiness and joy are emotions and the feelings of satisfaction. Both terms are used alternatively but may differ from each other. There is difference between happiness and the joy based upon the nature and cause of the feeling of satisfaction. Happiness is the temporary feeling of satisfaction for few inutes, days or weeks. Joy is the permanent feeling of satisfaction for a long time.

What is Happiness?

Happiness is the temporary feeling of satisfaction for few minutes, days or weeks. Happiness is like the rising bubbles which ends up with time. While taking a tea, the taste of tea is good. It will make you happy but this happiness will last just for the cup of tea. Happiness is from external things and influences.


What is Joy?

Joy is the permanent feeling of satisfaction for a long time. Joy is like oxygen which always surrounds you. Joy is the feeling inside your soul. Joy depends upon your faith. It do not depends upon external factors but is from the core of your heart and soul.

Key Differences

  1. Happiness is a temporary feeling of satisfaction while joy is a permanent feeling.
  2. Happiness belongs to material objects while joy belongs to caring for others and gratitude.
  3. Happiness belongs to earthly experiences while joy belongs to spiritual experiences.
  4. Happiness is from the outward expression of elation while joy is from inward peace.
  5. Happiness is based upon outward circumstances while joy is based upon inward circumstances.
  6. You may feel the joy any time from your inside while happiness may comes to you external means any time.
  7. Happiness can be experienced from any activity or food while joy is byproduct of life.
  8. Joy may belongs to your relation or faith upon God while happiness is from material things.
  9. Joy is like oxygen which is with you always while happiness is like rising bubbles which ends up with time.

Comparison Video

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