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Drywall vs. Sheetrock: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 26, 2023
Drywall is a generic term for construction panels, while Sheetrock is a brand name for drywall products by U.S. Gypsum Company.

Key Differences

Drywall, a common construction material, is used to create walls and ceilings. Sheetrock, on the other hand, is a brand name that has become synonymous with drywall. While drywall refers to the material itself, Sheetrock points to the specific products made by the U.S. Gypsum Company.
The installation process for drywall and Sheetrock is essentially the same. Both involve measuring, cutting, and attaching the panels to framing. However, when referring to Sheetrock, it implies using the proprietary products of the U.S. Gypsum Company, while drywall can be any brand.
When discussing costs, "drywall" encompasses a range of products with varying prices. Sheetrock, being a specific brand, often has a consistent price range. Although Sheetrock is sometimes considered premium, the price difference between it and generic drywall can vary.
Drywall offers versatility, coming in different types such as moisture-resistant or fire-resistant. Sheetrock also provides these variants, but they are marketed under specific brand names and product lines. When selecting, drywall gives a broader choice, while Sheetrock offers brand assurance.
In terms of market presence, drywall is a ubiquitous term used globally. Sheetrock, while internationally known, is more recognized and prevalent in North America due to its branding and history in the U.S. market.

Comparison Chart


Generic term for wall panels
Brand name for drywall by U.S. Gypsum

Brand Association

No specific brand
Associated with U.S. Gypsum Company

Product Variants

Various brands offer variants
Specific product lines by U.S. Gypsum

Market Recognition

Universally recognized
More recognized in North America

Terminology Usage

Used interchangeably with Sheetrock
Often used as a synonym for drywall

Drywall and Sheetrock Definitions


A lightweight building material offering easy installation and finishing.
We chose drywall for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness.


A term often used interchangeably with drywall in the construction industry.
Let's get Sheetrock for the interior walls.


A popular choice for creating smooth, paintable interior surfaces.
The drywall in the living room is ready for painting.


A trademarked brand of drywall by U.S. Gypsum Company.
The contractor prefers using Sheetrock for its quality.


Material used for the construction of interior walls and ceilings.
Drywall installation is faster than traditional plastering.


A specific type of drywall known for its durability and smooth finish.
Sheetrock is ideal for creating a polished look in our office.


A panel made of gypsum plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper, used in construction.
We need to buy more drywall for the renovation project.


A branded construction material synonymous with standard drywall.
We need three more panels of Sheetrock for the wall.


A versatile construction component, available in fire-resistant and moisture-resistant varieties.
For the bathroom, we'll use moisture-resistant drywall.


A well-known brand offering specialized drywall products.
For the kitchen, let's use Sheetrock's moisture-resistant boards.


A building material consisting of rectangular sections usually made of a gypsum plaster core bonded between layers of heavy paper, used especially in the construction of interior walls and ceilings. Also called gypsum board, plasterboard, wallboard.


(uncountable) A building material comprising a sheet of gypsum sandwiched between two pieces of heavy paper, used mainly for interior walls and ceilings; drywall


To install and finish sheetrock.


A kind of plasterboard


Can Sheetrock be used as a generic term for drywall?

Yes, though it's a brand name, it's often used generically.

What is Sheetrock?

A brand of drywall produced by U.S. Gypsum Company.

Is Sheetrock more expensive than drywall?

Sometimes, as it's a branded product.

Is Sheetrock waterproof?

They offer moisture-resistant, but not fully waterproof, options.

What is drywall?

A construction material made of gypsum plaster between paper sheets.

Is drywall fire-resistant?

There are fire-resistant varieties available.

Is Sheetrock installation different from drywall?

No, the installation process is the same.

Are all drywall products from U.S. Gypsum called Sheetrock?

Yes, Sheetrock is their trademark for drywall.

Does drywall come in different thicknesses?

Yes, it's available in various thicknesses for different uses.

Can Sheetrock be used in soundproofing?

Special soundproofing options are available in their product range.

Is drywall easy to repair?

Yes, it's relatively easy to patch and repair.

Can I paint directly on drywall?

Yes, once it's properly finished and primed.

Is drywall environmentally friendly?

It's relatively eco-friendly but check specific brands for green practices.

Can drywall be recycled?

Yes, it's often recyclable, depending on facilities.

Are drywall and Sheetrock the same?

Yes, Sheetrock is a brand of drywall.

How is drywall installed?

By measuring, cutting, and attaching it to framing.

Can Sheetrock be used for ceilings?

Yes, it's suitable for both walls and ceilings.

Can all drywall be called Sheetrock?

No, only the products made by U.S. Gypsum Company.

Does Sheetrock offer moisture-resistant options?

Yes, they have specialized moisture-resistant products.

Can Sheetrock be used in bathrooms?

Yes, using their moisture-resistant options is advisable.
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