Difference Between Purple and Violet


Main Difference

The main difference between purple and violet is that purple is an even mixture of red and blue and violet is a mixture of 3 parts red and two parts blue.

Purple vs. Violet

Purple is more reddish and more saturated. Violet is more bluish and less saturated. Purple color doesn’t exist on a spectrum; it is just a mixture of red and blue. Violet is a real color which exists on the electromagnetic spectrum. Purple color is made by equally mixing of red and blue color. Violet color contains more blue color than red color. Purple color is falls between magenta or black color. Violet color falls between blue and purple on the RYB color wheel. Purple is not a real color; rather, it is a composite artificial color. Violet is a real color. Purple color is an equal part of blue and red. Violet is more bluish. Purple color is just a perceived color. Violet color is a real one. According to scientists, the purple color does not exist, and there is no wavelength or light produced that is called purple. Violet color light is produced, and it has its wavelength. Purple is just a subjective color that is caused by human eyes and brain functioning together. Violet is simply variant of purple color. In kindergarten level, teachers teach us about the purple color. In college-level teachers teach us about violet color. Purple color is not listed in the rainbow list. Violet color is listed in the rainbow list. Term purple is a classification. Violet is a specific concept. Purple is a perceived color. Violet is a true color. Purple objects are giving the shade of red and blue at the same time. Violet objects are just giving the shade of violet at the same time.


Comparison Chart

Composite colorSpectral color
On Electromagnetic Spectrum
Does not existExist
Darker color (black and magenta)Soft version of purple color
Less visibleVisible
Lilac Color Comparison
Deeper than lilac colorCloser to lilac color

What is Purple?

Purple color is generally darkly magenta, and it is a color that contains a more red part in it. It is also noticed that our eyes and brain are functioning together to see the effects of the mixture of red and blue color. Purple is more reddish. It is also claimed that there is no existence of purple color on the spectrum. Whenever violet color can’t be produced where RGB display is broken mysteriously, there is an instance to show purple color. There is a mystery behind the purple color, but it can also say that red color is more dominant than blue in purple color. So that’s the main reason behind why purple color isn’t true to color and at the same time why at rainbow’s spectrum red and violet color are away from each other. However, it is also the missing of colors after all. Purple is not a true color; it is a perceived color that is a composite of red and blue color. Effect of red and blue color is perceived at the same time by entirely working of human eye and brain at the same time. Purple color doesn’t exist because no wavelength is produced called purple. An interesting side effect of modern computers, TVs and monitors is that they are used RGB display but can’t produce true violet color and produce an only purple color. The purple color looks like a more saturated shade of violet color. We can say that purple isn’t a spectral color.


What is Violet?

Violet is also a simple variant of purple color. It is a spectral color and a true one. It is a significant color has a short wavelength at the end of the visual spectrum (a rainbow that is produced by a prism), and theoretically, there should not be any red color at all because red color has a long wavelength and fall at the end of the spectrum. The explanation of this is that because there is a quirk in our color vision. Violet is outside the triangle of colors. It can be created by the combinations of monochromatic colors like green, blue and red because stimulations of blue cone cells actually make you see it violet not blue. Violet is a real color and electromagnetic spectral color having a wavelength about 380nm-450nm. When you split sunlight on a prism, you’ll be able to see violet color on one end. Violet is a deeper color than purple, and it is on the blue side. Violet is the color of monochromatic light when violet and white light is mixed together with equal proportion; it will give a bluish-purple color. Violet color is very close to purple so some people can’t make a sense between violet and purple but training can learn to see that violet is a deeper color than purple. Violet color is related to the fantasy world. Violet color encourages creative pursuits and seeks inspiration. It inspires unconditional and selfless love, devoid of ego, and encouraging sensitivity and compassion.

Key Differences

  1. purple is an even mixture of red and blue whereas violet is a mixture of 3 parts red and two parts blue
  2. Violet is on the blue side and deeper color than purple conversely purple is the lighter shade.
  3. Violet is a spectral color and is a part of visible wavelengths on the contrary purple is a composite of mixing colors.
  4. Violet color has its wavelength; on the other hand, the purple color has a wavelength of blue and red color.
  5. Violet color is real color on the flip side purple color is artificial composite color.
  6. Violet color is listed in Roy g. Biv while purple color is not listed in Roy g.Bi


It is concluded that the colors purple and violet are different. Purple color is a combination of red and blue, and violet color is monochromatic violet light.

Aimie Carlson

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