Difference Between Dizziness and Drowsiness


Main Difference

Although these two conditions exhibit almost same type of symptoms but there is some degree of difference between these two. The main difference between dizziness and drowsiness is, drowsiness is a state of being sleepy or tired. on the other hand, dizziness is a feeling when a person is near fainting.

What is Dizziness?

Dizziness is a state in which a person is exhibiting features of being fainted. Patients who are having dizziness also tend to have vertigo or tinnitus at times. Tinnitus is ringing sound in the ears. In vertigo the room seems to spin around. Dizziness is actually due to problem in the organ of corti, which is present in the inner ear and which keep a check on balance order. Dizziness occurs when there is lac of blood circulation and in some cases it becomes worse when a person abruptly stand up or sit down. Dizziness can also be due to chronic life threatening problems.


What is Drowsiness?

Drowsiness is a state of being sleepy or very tired. When a person is not able to keep his eyes open for any long, he is said to be drowsy Drowsiness occur when the brain gets tired or worn out. So, brain lethargy is one of the most commonest case of drowsiness. It also occurs when a person has carried out too much of exertion. When drowsiness occurs for too long, it could also be termed as a sleeping disorder.

Key Differences

  1. In dizziness there is low pulse but in drowsiness the pulse is normal.
  2. In dizziness there is no low energy or malaise but when a person is drowsy, he experiences both of these symptoms.
  3. There are mood swings in drowsiness but not in dizziness.
  4. Tingling and clumsiness occurs in dizziness but not in drowsiness.
  5. In dizziness the patient may even simultaneously experience chest pain or any other systemic disorder, nothing of such happens in drowsiness.
  6. Extreme fatigue occurs in dizziness but not in drowsiness.
  7. When a person is drowsy, he is thinking slow, even writing slow. But in the case of dizziness, symptoms occur very spontaneously.
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