Auditing vs. Investigation

Main Difference

The main difference between Auditing and Investigation is that Auditing is an assessment or authentication of an individual, system, or an organization, whereas Investigation is an analysis or in-depth inspection of activities to accomplish the definite object.

Auditing vs. Investigation — Is There a Difference?

Difference Between Auditing and Investigation

Auditing vs. Investigation

Auditing is a standard inspection, whereas investigation is precarious.

Auditing vs. Investigation

Auditing is conducting every year. On the other hand, the investigation is performing as per the need of an organization.

Auditing vs. Investigation

Auditing is performing by auditors. Conversely, the investigation is playing by experts.

Auditing vs. Investigation

Auditing is compulsory for every company. On the flip side, an investigation is optional.

Auditing vs. Investigation

The appointment of an auditor in the process of auditing is confirming by shareholders, whereas the selection of the investigator in the process of investigation is confirming by management.

Auditing vs. Investigation

The scope of auditing is narrow; on the other hand, the range of investigation is wide.


Auditing vs. Investigation

The reporting nature of auditing is general. On the flip side reporting nature of the investigation is confidential.


The act or result of performing an audit.


The act of investigating; the process of inquiring into or following up; research, especially patient or thorough inquiry or examination

The investigation into the crime has led to various leads as well as plenty of dead ends.Despite thorough investigation, the perpetrator of the attacks remains unknown.


an inquiry into unfamiliar or questionable activities;

there was a congressional probe into the scandal


the work of inquiring into something thoroughly and systematically

Comparison Chart

It is a verification of a person, system or an organizationIt is an in-depth inquiry to know the truth and get the definite task
Time Limit
AnnuallyAs per requirement
Performed By
Chartered AccountantExperts
Routine processNot a regular process
Nature of Report
Appointed By

Auditing vs. Investigation

Auditing is showing to confirm the level of reliability and justice of the fiscal accounts of an individual or an association, whereas investigation is an in-depth survey to achieve evidence of a particular circumstance. The scope of the auditing is creating the moralities of verification, while the scope of the investigation relays on the expressions of commitment. Auditing is a method of finding whether the outcomes of accounting statistics are precisely according to the detailed rules or not, whereas investigation is a simple consideration of particular proceedings to highlight a statement

The auditing report is giving to the concerned parties like stockholders, administrators, contractors, etc. whereas the investigation report is handing over to the party who planned the investigation. Auditing is carrying out on behalf of the manager of the corporation, while the investigation may be carrying out on behalf of the third party. In auditing, the staff does not examine personally, whereas, in the investigation, workers inspect personally.

The auditing report is arranging according to performance, while the investigation report is organizing according to the requirement of the condition. The purpose of auditing is to find out whether the balance sheet of the concerned item is presenting the fair opinion or not, whereas investigation is preparing for some particular persistence according to the need of the situation. Auditing is convoying by an active chartered accountant (CA) while investing is doing by experts in its profession, it is not necessary that an investigator must be a chartered accountant.

What is Auditing?

Auditing is a systematic investigation of the fiscal declaration of an individual to provide an opinion about accurate and fair views. The term individual using here mentions to all groups whether it is income making or any liberal institution. The primary purpose of auditing is to explore and report the level of correctness and consistency of the financial statements of any object. Moreover, it confirms whether the unit analytically upholds the records of accounts, booklets, and receipts or not. The auditor completes the whole auditing process.

Auditing is a prevalent method for all the organization that is performing annually. Auditing is generally using in accounting to confirm the intensity and consistency of facts showing in the reports. Auditing completes anytime, and auditors keep some essential points in their mind while making a report that, first is the research of the financial statement is creating on satisfactory accounting strategies and it is a reliable presentation, second is relevant Rules are necessary to follow while preparing reports. The third is all substantial realities are openly revealing in the financial statements.

Auditing is performing in two ways either the internal auditor or external auditor. The internal auditor is a worker of the organization who is appointing by the management of the organization, while the external auditor is selecting by the government from the outside certified public accounting (CPA) firm. An audit spreads all accurate claims in the financial statements with a view of discovering their truth. An auditing period usually covers up the accounting year of the client. And the results of auditing are widely used.

What is Investigation?

An investigation is the procedure of complete inspection of actions to get assured purposes. The act of investigation is the study to find out about a particular thing. It is the main issue in journalism to investigate many cases and thorough this process to prepare a report about the situation. An Investigation of any firm or business association point to complete systematized and essential review of the accounts books beside with past and present deal records of an individual. It is showing for a particular purpose to represent a fact and with the help of evidence, introduce a reality. The investigation is defining by the thing planning to achieve by the party on whose behalf investigation is assuming.

In the progression of the investigation, the most common thing that are employees, including in observation, inquest, penetrating, questioning, and assessment etc. The investigation method is performing by a professional team who has certification of definite facts according to the necessities of the association without any particular period. There is no lawful necessities to expose information in an examination. The investigation is merely exceptional, it is not commonly performing in all organizations, because it is not the regular procedure, and the results of investigation are useful only for the client.

The appointment of an investigator is conducting by managers, and it is not the natural process it only performing as per the need of the organization. They are experts in their profession. There is no such legal responsibilities with favor to the investigation. It can surprisingly happen at any time.


Auditing is a general process and typical for all the organizations. The investigation is quite rare and not common in all organizations. People are getting confuse between these two terms easily due to lack of knowledge and improper understanding. The auditing report is submitting to the interested parties like shareholders etc. but the investigation report is handing over to those who organized the investigation.