Difference Between Aquaphor and Vaseline

Main Difference

The difference between Aquaphor and Vaseline is that Aquaphor is petroleum with water and Vaseline is petroleum without water.

Aquaphor vs. Vaseline

Many products today make your life easy. We use medicines to protect ourselves, and some products deal with our face problems that include face gels and other masks. Aquaphor and Vaseline are gels that are made from petroleum, but the difference between Aquaphor and Vaseline is that Aquaphor is petroleum with water and Vaseline is petroleum without water. Aquaphor and vaseline both are ointments that are best options for skin care. Ointments are primarily used for a healing purpose. Irritation in the skin can be for many reasons, you may have an allergy, or you can have burnt skin or scrape so Vaseline and Aquaphor are the best treatment for your skin. If we talk about the difference between Aquaphor and Vaseline, there is 41% petroleum in Aquaphor, and the other 59% are other ingredients that include lanolin, ceresin, mineral oil, glycerin and panthenol. If we talk about Vaseline, there is no other ingredient in vaseline except petroleum. Aquaphor is often used for skin injuries whereas vaseline is used as a moisturiser for the skin. Vaseline is very famous all over the world.

Comparision Chat

MeaningAquaphor is petroleum with water.Vaseline is petroleum without water.
IngredientsPetroleum,lanolin,ceresin, Mineral oil,glycerin.Only Petroleum
TypesThere are four types of Aquaphor.There is no type of vaseline.
FamousAquaphor is only famous in the United States.Vaseline famous all over the world.

What is Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is petroleum with water that is famous for skin care. Beiersdorf Inc primarily manufactures Aquaphor products. Four types of Aquaphor are the following:

  • Aquaphor Original Ointment
  • Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment
  • Aquaphor Lip Repair
  • Aquaphor Baby

There is 41% petroleum in Aquaphor and other ingredients that are

  • Lanolin
  • Ceresin
  • Mineral oil
  • Glycerin
  • Panthenol

Aquaphor is mostly used to heal skin injuries. Aquaphor has the best healing properties that improve and protect your skin. As compared to the vaseline, the quantity of petroleum in Aquaphor is very less. Aquaphor does not only heal our skin but also heal our hair. Aquaphor help t re-growth our skin tissues. Vaseline does not absorb in our skin because there is no water in vaseline whereas Aquaphor easily absorbs in our skin.

What is Vaseline?

Unilever company is a multinational company that is famous for many skin care products and the most famous product of Unilever company is Vaseline. Vaseline is also known as Vaseline petroleum jelly. There is no water in Vaseline and is the best product to moisture skin. Vaseline is also applied on hands and lips as it helps to heal skin tissues. If we talk about the texture of vaseline, vaseline has very soft and smooth texture. Vaseline is best for healing burn skin, it also help skin protect from infections. Vaseline is one of the best skin ointments in the world. Vaseline is used worldwide because of its never-ending benefits. Followings are some benefits of vaseline:

  • Moisture skin

If you have a dry skin, you need to use Vaseline. Vaseline not only moisture face but also moisture hands, foot and lips.

  • Heal Burn

Burn hurts a lot and sometimes leaves scares, you should use vaseline to burn skin. Vaseline have vest healing properties.

  • Repair skin tissues

Our skin tissues are very sensitive, due to some injury or dryness our skin becomes hard. Vaseline helps protect and repair our skin tissues.

  • Pet care

Vaseline is also good for pet care.

  • Rash

Vaseline reduce rashes from the skin.

  • Remove makeup

Vaseline is a natural makeup remover.

Key Differences

  1. Aquaphor is petroleum with water. Vaseline is petroleum without water.
  2. 41% of petroleum in Aquaphor whereas 100% of petroleum in Vaseline.
  3. Aquaphor contains Petroleum, lanolin, ceresin, Mineral oil, glycerin. Whereas vaseline only contains petroleum.
  4. There are four types of Aquaphor that are Aquaphor Original Ointment, Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment, Aquaphor Lip Repair, Aquaphor Baby. Whereas there is no type of vaseline.
  5. Aquaphor is only famous in the United States. Vaseline famous all over the world.

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In this article we saw the difference between Aquaphor and Vaseline, both are helpful to skin care. Both have different consistency and amount of petroleum. If we talk about the healing of skin Aquaphor is best whereas if we talk about skin care and moistarization, Vaseline is the best choice.

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