Difference Between Bullying vs. Teasing

Key Difference:

The difference between bullying and teasing is that bullying means to hurt or harm someone seriously whereas teasing means to be playful with someone but it can also hurt sometimes.

Bullying vs Teasing

People think that bullying and teasing is one term, but there is a lot of difference between bullying and teasing, bullying is a hard term, that means to harm someone seriously, and teasing means to be playful with someone to have fun. When you bully someone, you always intended to hurt that person, but teasing does not always determined to harm someone. Teasing in a wrong way or harmful way leads to bullying. When you enter high school these two things that are bullying and teasing mostly happens to you. What you need to do is you need to understand the difference between them. We Need to know that there are three ways in which teasing and bullying differ. Teasing is just for one time and when teasing is repeated it becomes bullying. A student in college has the intention to thread any student, again and again, makes the case of bullying. Bullying sometimes gets that wrong that student even commits suicide. Bullying is a kind of harassment. Harassment may include physically hurting or threatening someone.

Comparision Chart

MeaningBullying means to hurt or harm someone seriously.Teasing means to be playful with someone, but it can also hurt sometimes.
RepetitionBullying is repeated again and again.Teasing is not repeated.
PowerA person who is more potent than you bully you.A person equal to you teases you.
StopA person that bully you don’t stop when you ask them to stop.A person that teases you stops when you ask them to stop.

What is Bullying?

Bullying means to hurt and harm someone emotionally and physically. Bullying is also known as harassment. Bullying can happen to anyone and anywhere. There are two types of bullying that are:

  • Emotional bullying

Emotional bullying includes calling someone’s name for making fun of that person, making fun of his or her things like the way he or she talks, walk or behave. Emotional bullying also includes spreading wrong rumors about that person, and the most important thing is making that person feel that he or she is not right the way he or she is. Threatening that person also comes in emotional bullying.

  • Physical bullying

After emotional bullying, next is physical bullying. Physical bullying is even worse than emotional bullying. Physical harassment includes fighting with that person, making him feel less powerful than you. Pushing him or her or hitting.

  • Cyber Bullying

Harassing anyone on social media is called cyberbullying. Messaging that person on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the wrong way is known as cyberbullying. Using his or her pictures in the wrong way is also known as cyberbullying.

What is Teasing?

Teasing means to provoke someone playfully. Teasing is very common in teenagers. They tease each other but do not intend to hurt anyone. If teasing gets repeated, it becomes bullying and bullying is not acceptable. Friends that are close to each other usually tease each other to have a good and fun time. Teasing is a social interaction that can be friendly, or harmful. If it is done in a fun way, it will always be positive. Teasing can also be helpful in many regards as it helps kids to grow and understand things better. Now if we talk about types of teasing there are two types of teasing that are

  • Endearment Teasing
  • Influence Teasing

Key Differences:

  1. Bullying means to hurt or harm someone seriously. Teasing means to be playful with someone, but it can also hurt sometimes.
  2. Bullying is repeated again and again. Teasing is not repeated.
  3. Bullying is done with evil intentions whereas teasing is not done in evil intentions.
  4. A person who is more potent than you bully you. A person who is more potent than you intimidate


Teasing for fun person is acceptable but being a bully is never acceptable because it harms you emotionally and physically. If you the are being bullied, you should tell your parent and people at that institution and stand for your self.

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