Difference Between Ivory and Bone

Key Differences

The difference between Ivory and bone is that we get ivory from the teeth and tusks of mammals whereas bone comes from the leftover of skeleton system.

Ivory vs. Bone

There is a vast difference between Ivory and bone, Ivory comes from the tucks and teeth of mammals, and on the other hand, bone comes from the skeleton system. Bones have pores due to blood vessels, and ivory does not have many pores, pores have circular rings. If we see according to the hardness, bone is way more harder than ivory; ivory is smooth. The surface of bones are dull whereas the surface of ivory is shinning. We can break ivory easily but to break a bone is very difficult.

Comparision Chart

Meaningwe get ivory from the teeth and tusks of mammals.Bone comes from the leftover of skeleton system.
PoresIvory does not have pores.Bones have pores.
SurfaceIvory has a shinning surface.Bone has a dull surface.
HardnessIvory is not that hard.Bone is very hard.

What is Ivory?

Ivory is a creamy white substance that is extracted from the teeth and tusks of mammals. Ivory is very famous for its commercial use; it is used in most of the artworks. Ivory is used in manufacture purpose. In history, Ivory was mostly used in the great artwork. Business uses of ivory includes the making of piano and organ keys, billiard balls, handles, and minor objects of beautiful esteem. In present-day industry, ivory is utilized as a part of the fabricate of electrical apparatuses, including specific electrical hardware for planes and radar.

What is Bone?

Bone is a tough part of your body. Our body have 270 bones, bones make us stand, sit and work. Bones have very dense connective tissues. Bone comprised organic mineral substances.

Bone is also used to make and produce works of art. In the early years, bone cutting ended up conspicuous among artisans. Bones are also used to create false ivory. A process known as ossification produces bone. Bones are used in the manufacturing of followings:

  • Plastic
  • Buttons
  • Construction Material
  • Shovels
  • Divination Tool
  • Medicine
  • Weapons
  • Food
  • Fertilizers
  • Flutes

Key Differences:

  1. We get ivory from the teeth and tusks of Bone comes from the leftover of skeleton system.
  2. Ivory does not have pores. Bones have pores.
  3. Ivory has a shinning Bone has a dull surface.
  4. Ivory is not that hard. Bone is very hard.
  5. Ivory is an inflexible, white substance from the tusks of elephants, walruses, mammoths and different warm-blooded mammals whereas bone is a thick connective tissue that constitutes the skeletal arrangement of general
  6. Ivory is more laborious than bone, and it is more impervious to scratches. As a result of its denser segments, ivory ordinarily measures more than bone. Ivory is likewise gleaming and smooth, while bone is dry and harsh.
  7. Ivory can easily be broken down in pieces whereas it is tough is break bones in small pieces.
  8. In the regards of weight, ivory weight a lot more than a bone.

Comparison Video

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In the article above, we see the clear difference between ivory and a bone. We are evident on the point that they are entirely different from each other and are used for different purposes.

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