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Advice vs. Advise: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 13, 2023
Advice is a noun meaning recommendations or guidance, while advise is a verb meaning to give recommendations or guidance.

Key Differences

"Advice" functions as a noun in the English language, meaning counsel or recommendations given to someone. In contrast, "advise" serves as a verb, implying the act of giving counsel or recommendations.
A simple memory aid underscores that "advice" encompasses the “c” found in the word “noun,” offering a handy reference. Alternatively, "advise" contains an “s,” mirroring the “s” found in "verb," aiding recollection.
An individual offers “advice” to others, suggesting that the information is a tangible item. Contrastingly, one might “advise” someone, highlighting a behavior or action, rather than an item.
Examples illustrate this distinction clearly: “She gave excellent advice” reveals a sharing of wisdom. Meanwhile, “She will advise him on the matter” emphasizes the imparting of counsel as an action.
Careful English usage mandates distinguishing “advice” and “advise” to convey precise meaning. Notably, "advice" will often appear alongside articles (“the” or “some”), while “advise” commonly aligns with pronouns or names.

Comparison Chart

Part of Speech



Guidance or recommendations offered
Act of giving recommendations or guidance

Example Usage

"I gave her some advice."
"I will advise her."


Guidance, counsel, suggestion
Recommend, suggest, counsel



Advice and Advise Definitions


Guidance offered concerning prudent future action.
His advice on investments proved invaluable.


To offer counsel or recommendations regarding a decision.
I will advise you on your career options.


Information particularly oriented toward resolving a problem.
His advice solved our technical issue instantly.


To inform about a fact or situation.
I must advise you of the risks involved.


An official notification, particularly regarding a business transaction.
We received shipping advice for the pending delivery.


To recommend a course of action.
He will advise her to proceed cautiously.


Recommendations regarding a decision or course of conduct.
She accepted the doctor's advice and rested.


To offer an opinion or suggestion.
The lawyer advised against signing without reading.


A communication, particularly that containing prudent recommendations.
He sent a letter of advice to his younger brother.


To give notice or inform.
The professor will advise students of the grade change.


Opinion about what could or should be done about a situation or problem; counsel.


To offer advice to; counsel
Advised him to study abroad.
Advised that we should reconsider the idea.


Often advices Information communicated; news
Advices from an ambassador.


To recommend; suggest
Advised patience.


Is "advice" countable or uncountable?

"Advice" is uncountable.

How do you pronounce "advice" and "advise"?

"Advice" is pronounced [ədˈvaɪs] and "advise" is [ədˈvaɪz].

Can "advice" refer to both positive and negative recommendations?

Yes, "advice" can refer to both positive and negative guidance.

Can "advice" be ignored?

Yes, advice can be either considered or ignored.

Can "advise" be urgent?

Yes, "advise" can convey varying degrees of urgency.

Can "advise" be used without an object?

Yes, "advise" can be used without an object, e.g., "He advised against it."

Can "advise" be used formally?

Yes, "advise" is suitable for both formal and informal contexts.

Is there a synonym for "advice"?

Yes, synonyms include "guidance" and "counsel."

Can "advise" also imply a warning?

Yes, e.g., "The surgeon advised of the risks."

Is "advise" commonly used in everyday conversation?

Yes, "advise" is commonly used in various communication contexts.

What is the primary grammatical difference between advice and advise?

"Advice" is a noun and "advise" is a verb.

Is it correct to say "give an advise"?

No, use "give advice" because "advice" is uncountable.

How can I use "advise" in a sentence?

"I advise you to start saving money."

What is an example sentence using "advice"?

"She provided valuable advice."

Can “advise” be used as a noun?

No, “advise” is strictly a verb.

Does "advice" always imply wisdom?

Not necessarily, "advice" simply refers to guidance or recommendations.

What is a phrase that uses "advise"?

"I would advise caution."

Can "advice" refer to professional guidance?

Yes, e.g., "legal advice" or "medical advice."

Can "advise" be replaced with "tell"?

Not always, "advise" specifically implies offering guidance or recommendations.

Is "advice" formal or informal?

"Advice" can be used in both formal and informal contexts.
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