Difference Between Teacher and Professor


Main Difference

The main difference between Teachers vs. Professor is that a Teacher is a person who assists people in learning, whereas a Professor is a teacher of the uppermost rank and teaches at a university or college.

Teacher vs. Professor

A teacher is the one who teaches in high schools and comprehensive schools, whereas professors are college and university level instructors. Teachers have their simple names such as Mr. and Ms., while professors have the title Dr. with their name. A teacher doesn’t need to have a Ph.D. in Education. But if you want to refer to as Professor, you will need to get a Ph.D. degree in Education. A teacher has an average level of education, while the professor requires to have higher education and interrogate in different consequences.


Teachers eventually pass fundamental knowledge to young learners, while professors are compulsory to pass progressive and particular expertise to students who can conceptualize and interrogate a definite phenomenon.

Teachers at primary standard have a great level of communication with their young pupil regularly, the contact between teacher and student make great bond also geared towards ensuring that teachers describe to the young students the importance of learning. On the other hand, there is less or no interaction amongst students and professors at the university or college level. Professors are required to give guidelines, and students have to obey.

A teacher obliges appropriate resources that carry them up to a graduate-level. In contrast, a professor must satisfy all the necessary levels of learning, which include primary, high school, university for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and doctorate levels. Teachers collect average incomes, whereas professors take high salaries.


Comparison Chart

A person who teachesWho teaches upper-level students
Bachelor’s degreeDoctorate
No Research RequiredResearch is Required
Less amount requiredHigh amount necessary
Teaching level
Primary and SecondaryUniversity and College
Low incomeHigh income

Who is a Teacher?

A teacher is a one who has the capability to convey skills to young people, especially in the institute where a systematized teaching platform organized. A teacher plays many parts such as a guardian, caretaker, instructor, learning facilitator, counselor, etc. Teachers are the great source of knowledge, prosperity, and instruction to which any person can get the benefit for the entire life

A teacher molds thoughts and imaginations of a student in a productive manner and transforms into a creative adult, and always ready to help students to be sure about their objectives of education through clear visualization and thoughts.

A noble teacher not only teaches but also cares about the honorable foundation of learners. The teacher performs an unlimited role in the education of each student. A good teacher has various qualities and ability to make their students prosperous in life. Teacher shapes the future of every student by providing the best education. They are God gifted people in all society who leads the nation towards success without any self-interest. Indeed, they are the builders of the stunning future of the nation.

A teacher is knowledgeable and knows how to appeal consideration of students towards study. The teacher uses creativity while teaching so that students may focus. The teacher is a perfect conductor of information and having lots of patience and confidence and the capability of taking account of the future of students. The teacher knows the talent of every student and tries for them consequently. They make a student‘s mentally terrific and always boost to be superior in life.

Who is a Professor?

A professor is a skilled person who has acquired relevant knowledge and abilities connected to a particular area through long periods of study and research. It is compulsory to have high levels of education because they teach students of higher education who conceptualize and innovate. Numerous professors are subject specialists too.

Professors educate students in a wide range of academic and professional subjects beyond the high level as well as they also conduct research and put out scholarly papers and books. Professors work for the Government and private institutions. The professors expected to deliver direction and assist junior staff in developing their capacity for teaching and exploration.

Professors specialize in any subjects; some teach educational topics, such as English or philosophy. But most of the professors consider career-related topics, for example, mathematical, law, science, or gastronomic arts. Professors typically work for large universities, that’s why they frequently devote a considerable portion of their time conducting research and experiments.

Professors held their lectures in a large number of student’s classes; if classes are small, they are approximately 40 to 50 students. If professors are attending seminars, they belong to minimal students. Professors have to carry on their research about any experiments or article analysis, so that they may keep publishing their findings.

Some are full-time professors who have a contract and spend more time on their research. They are also interested in more colleges and universities community. But some spend most of their time in teaching students they are part-time professors, and often known as adjunct professors.

Key Differences

  1. A teacher teaches in high schools and comprehensive schools, whereas a professor teaches in a university or college.
  2. Teachers may teach anything; on the other hand, professors are specialists in an appropriate field.
  3. Teachers get low salaries; conversely, professors get high salaries.
  4. It does not take much time to be a teacher, whereas it takes a very long time to be a professor.
  5. The teacher has a bachelor’s or master’s degree on the flip side; the professor has a doctorate.
  6. Teachers do not need to get a higher education, whereas professors need to get higher education.


Although Teachers and Professors belong to the same profession, all the Teachers do not take the place of the Professors, but all the Professors are Teachers.

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