Difference Between Social Change and Cultural Change

Primary Difference

Both the terms of social change and cultural change are the concepts of changes in the personality of the person. But one change is related with the social actions and other one is linked with the cultural environment. Basically social change is all about the change that is adopted on the whole of the society that lies within the feminism or women empowerment. This is the change that takes place just inside the society. On the other side cultural change is the form of change that is linked with some group of the society. Cultural change showcases its direct effects on the social change. As we all know that all the cultures in the society have their own meaning and origin therefore it is the cultural change from where the social change arises. Some of the people do find great confusion in knowing about the social change and cultural change differences. Most of the writers have state them out to be similar in nature such as Gillin and Gillin and Dawson and Gettys. Cultural change has the region that much broader as compare to the social change. In shorter terms it is said that society is the product element of culture.

Comparison Chart

Social ChangeCultural Change
RangeSocial change is the part of the cultural change.Has a very broad and dynamic sort of change appearance
ImpactChanges in social relationship among the peopleThe changes that are witnessed within the ideology and even the administration
ChangeNo impact on cultural changeHelpful in showing some new way of directions to the social change

Definition of Social Change

Defining the term of social change it is meant as the accepted modes of life. This can take place because of some certain situations and changes including the geographical change as well as composition and cultural form of changes. We can even define this term as certain changes in social relationship in the middle of so many more people. In these changes you can even highlight the role and status of the individual that take place in the social structure. Social method is all about the improvements that do come about in any living style of a person. Hence in short terms we can say that all sort of changes that take place in human relationships as well as social institutions are named as social group. With the passage of time as the year passed each single society witness some kind of changes in its development that finally brings about some transformations in the society. If one sector of the society gets affected then slowly it start showing it outcomes on almost all the institutions and sectors of the society. Overall in this social process you will be coming across to a procedure that is complete different from the cultural change.

Definition of Cultural Change

Now let’s explore the meaning of the cultural change. This process is all about introducing with such changes in the cultural elements that even shows some effects on the social change. It has its outcomes on top of both the material and non-material products. Cultural change often gives away with some particular sort of dimension and momentum to a social change. This will even make you get closer to know about the limits of the social change. Some of the main examples of cultural change are changes in technology as well as automobiles and machinery. Sometimes cultural change is even all about the changes in the beliefs and ideology alongside with the administrative system of a society and many more. It makes us learn about the changes that should be included within the lifestyles and in our habits. It takes place within the larger group of people unlike Social change that exists just within one person. Cultural change is entirely different from that of the social change because the changes and movements of the cultural change in the society affect almost the whole society with its outcomes.

Differences in a Nutshell

  1. Cultural change has a very broad and dynamic sort of change appearance. On other side social change is the part of the cultural change.
  2. Cultural change is all about the changes that are witnessed within the ideology and even the administration. But the social change is all about the change that refers to changes in social relationship among the people.
  3. Social change is defined to be the change of improvements that is hence made to uplift certain life style.
  4. Cultural change is helpful in showing some new way of directions to the social change.
  5. Cultural change could be either in the form of material or non-material.
  6. In the social change you will be able to identify the roots of the social institutions. But in cultural change the roots can be identified with the technology and some new ways of life.
  7. Social change will bring the changes within the relationships but cultural change will lead to bring the changes in the cultural elements.


Change is imminent in all fields of life and takes place weather someone likes or not. This happens in culture too, where you have to deal with the changes that take place and same for the society which keeps on developing with time. This article takes into account all the factors and gives details about these changes.

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