Difference Between Naive and Gullible


Primary Difference

Do you want to know what is the main difference behind naive and gullible? Well according to some people these both terms are similar in meaning with each other. It is rather true but the people who are involved in this group they hence act down in some sort of unique way that eventually makes the two terms much different looking from each other. Do you know what is the main difference in between the Naive and Gullible? Naive is used in the reference of a person who is showing some kind of lack of judgment. Or we can even say that a person who is much inexperienced in performing some task. On the other side of the story Gullible is the method that is used to denote a person who could be easily persuaded to believe on anything. You can say that Gullible and Naive are two words who do have the same meaning to some extent of the story. They can walk around hand to hand. The only fact behind this story is that naive will probably make you gullible. The definitions of both the terms have clearly made them much different from one another. But still for a more cleat identification between the two just scrolls down and view their concepts.

Comparison Chart

Do have a conception that the whole world is filled with purity and goodnessAre the ones who can easily be made to believe stuff
The ones who are stupidThe ones who can be deceived
Can be young peopleCan be young or old people

Definition of Naive

Naive is normally a person who has lack of or minimum sort of knowledge about anything. In simple we can call such people as they are not able to judge themselves or any other person in an accurate form. If in case you do find a person who is naive enough then in that case he or she could be easily tricked. He has conception in the mind that the whole world is a very amazing place to live inside. The society do think that the people involved in the naive category are insane and don’t have the much knowledge about the actions which they are carrying out. Such people have their own thoughts and beliefs. He has a strong believe that nobody can harm him and that everyone is his well wisher. In short we can say that he or she is very much catastrophic in terms of thought for him and people around him. They have their own views that are very much simple. He does not feel any kind of competition with rest of the world. He simple has less exposure to the society. In the earlier use the word naive was defined as natural or innocent. In shorter terms we can say that the person who is naive tries to find the positive aspects in the negative world.


Definition of Gullible

On the next we have the talk about Gullible! Gullible are those people who can get deceived from anyone. They are lack in the plans of judgment. They do lacks in the category of the social knowledge as in this he could be manipulated easily. They trust people so easily and immediately believe on the stories which other people told them about. Plus they are unable to detect lies and treachery. Overall he is so much involved in the society faithful nature that he starts thinking that every single person is trust-worthy and knowing about their actual traits is simply wastage of time. They are usually involved to perform the functions in a different way. He would buy the land without any sort of inquiring. There are so many theorists who do have come forward in order to derive the relationship between the negative trait of gullibility and positive trait of trust. Both of them are inter-related with each other. They do involve some kind of act of trust within each other. This method is much different from the method of naive.

Differences in a Nutshell

  1. Naive do have a conception that the whole world is filled with purity and goodness. This is the main reason that they do lack in the judgment.
  2. Gullible can be so easily deceived.
  3. Both the terms of gullible as well as naive are lacking the term of the social awareness.
  4. Naive can be very much young but Gullible is mature and is not much young.
  5. Moreover a naive person has less experience. But on other side a gullible person do have some experience. But even still they do make some kind of mistakes of being manipulated.


Naïve and Gullible might sound the same term but in reality they are very different from each other. They may have the same context but the meaning is variable which has been discussed in the article and a proper differences and definitions are given so that you know exactly what you are talking about.

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