Difference Between Moissanite and Diamond


Primary Difference

We all are fully aware from the fact that women are in huge love with the diamonds as they considered to be one of the attractive jewellery pieces in the world. Diamonds have always made them appear to be one of the precious stones that are all added with the silver and gold. With its rising popularity among the market places there are so many stores who are even coming forward with the replicas or duplicates. Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite are two substances that are a complete look alike of the diamond. They do have the sparkle and glittering look in it that will make you feel that you are holding a diamond in your hand. In simple we would say that Moissanite is very much close in the appearance to the diamond. If you are untrained to identify in between the diamond and moissanite then we would challenge you that you would not be able to identify between the two. Right through this article we are going to explain detail facts about diamond and moissanite and about their nutshell differences.

Comparison Chart

Moissanite has been produced in labs.Diamonds are considered to be the naturally occurring.
They are included with some doubling signs that grab the attention of the buyers.They are shiny and attract people who look at them.
Experiment and JewelryCutting and Jewelry
Its weight is about 3.53 gramIts weight is about 3.21 gram.
WhiteMany different

Definition of Moissanite

So many efforts have been taking place in order to build up with some replicas in the labs of diamonds. But no one has showcased any successful outcomes. In the beginning of the 20th century Dr. Henry Moissan caught up with some of the minor traces of stunningly brilliant material in a small meteorite in the place of Arizona. It was known out to be the silicon carbide as it was a naturally occurring material. It was basically a mineral that a complete duplicate of diamond. But the main flaw was that it was not present in greater amount. After so far hard efforts and time consuming experiments at last the scientists produced a stimulant of diamond. This substance was given away the name of Moissanite in honor of the Nobel Prize winner scientist, Dr. Henry Moissanite. Today in all the market places it is used as a copied version of the diamonds in the jewellery items. It is offering the ring and jewellery with greater sum of shine, brilliance and glittering look. It is much reasonable in prices as compared to diamonds. Scientists have made the best effort to bring the Moissanite in various shapes and sizes so that it can be used as the piece of gemstone in jewellery. Its weight is about 3.53 gram. It respect of the various colors it has been graded with D-X.


Definition of Diamond

On the next we will talk about the women’s best friend named as diamonds! Diamond which is actually known as the carbon is one of the hardest known substances. This stone has made its popular place among the people just because of its shine and sparkling touch. If your jewellery item doesn’t have the diamond in it then you jewellery is useless. They are accessible in varieties of the shapes and sizes along with designs. They do have the quality of being very much durable and longer lasting. You can even call diamonds as the best medium of investment. Its weight is about 3.21 gram. You will be getting it in a complete colorless white.

Differences in a Nutshell

  1. Diamonds are considered to be the naturally occurring. As regard the moissanite has been mentioned then it is much produced in labs.
  2. You will be finding the diamond stone to be very much rare and less in amount. It takes so many years to develop just one piece of the diamond. This is the main reason that they are considered to be very much expensive in rates.
  3. On the same side the Moissanite is developed easily. You can get it at a much lower price. They are designed in so many designs and sizes.
  4. One of the major quality of the moissanite is that they are included with some doubling signs that grab the attention of the buyers. In case of diamond such kind of signs are not visible.
  5. Moreover mentioning further Diamonds are singly refractive. But as the light passes through a Moissanite it will be going to create the image of the rainbow effect.
  6. All the way through the magnification some sort of pipe-like inclusions can be seen in a Moissanite. This is not possible in the case of diamond. Diamonds have been classified into grades but Moissanite is not.


Jewelry is the most common accessory when it comes to women, but there are many kind of jewels which have qualities based on their shapes sizes and other stuff. This article, therefore, lays out the main points about the two most common types of stones which are very famous among women and men alike.

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