Difference Between Slim and Skinny


Main Difference

The main difference between Slim and Skinny is that Slim means being elegantly lean, and Skinny means being unappealingly or unattractively lean.

Slim vs. Skinny

A tangibly or physically gorgeous and good looking being who is neither too overweight nor too squeaky or thin denoted to as slim. Whereas a being who is physically or bodily unattractive is thin or lean and bony denoted to as skinny. Slim person appearance attractive and smart as they have a thin and lean physique while the term skinny is utilized to mention what considered as an unpleasant, unattractive, or weak bodily look. Slim is the utmost desired adjective for a person as it defined or viewed as praise and only has encouraging meanings, however skinny is the adjective in which squeaky, thin and bony are certainly measured or considered uncomplimentary and have undesirable meanings to upset a being.


If you are being called slim in your sphere or circle, you can be happy for it as well as other people think of you as being a nice-looking and attractive shape and appearance. It means that you are lean but in a beautiful way. On the other side, if somebody calls you skinny, you get worried and unhappy, even skinny is considerably a little uncomplimentary or pejorative, but individuals do not like to be categorized and labeled skinny. Slim has a confident implication, and skinny has a bad or negative implication. Slim is stunning and fit. Skinny doesn’t essential look beautiful and certainly not fit.

Comparison Chart

Somebody can be entitled or termed slim, mentioning to an attractive look and beautiful body aspects.The term skinny is utilized to mention what considered or defined as an unappealing, unfit or unattractive physical or body aspect.
Slim means being gracefully thin.Skinny means being unattractively thin.
Slim person has no discernible muscle mass.A skinny person has borderline anorexics.
Positive connotation.Negative connotation.

What is Slim?

Slim is an adjective to refer to persons that are lean or thin in a positive and good way. Someone is slim; they are pretty lean or thin in an attractive and good looking way, e.g., she was looking beautiful and slim in the photographs. Other alternative expressions for ‘slim’ have further meaning in addition to ‘lower or little fat.’ Slim is the best appropriate word for a specific as it defined as a tribute of praise and only has confident and positive implication.

The word slim goes really great in addition to healthy and fit, and it is the best and ideal figure to accomplish for maximum people, mostly females. If a person called out slim in our circle or surrounding, such a person flattered or pleased about it as comprising an attractive or eye-catching figure. We can say that a being is thin but in a graceful and beautiful manner. A being which reduces or cuts down on body fat, cellulose’s, and carbohydrates, to look thin or slim might, nutrients and vitamins to survive or exist healthily.

Advantages of Being Slim

There are several benefits to being slim. A slim one, lacking worry about purchasing extra size outfits. Most females, as compared to males, have a preference being slim for the reason that they consider that fatness hampers or impedes their look and appearance. As well, it is well-thought-out to be slim as obesity or fatness may cause several diseases, and if passed over or ignored, these diseases may grow into severe ailments or diseases such as Diabetes, High blood pressure, and Cancer.

What is Skinny?

Skinny is a much harsher and informal word, which means very much the same for example, I don’t like his looks – he’s too skinny. Skinny is somewhat harsh and negative, and females dislike to consider and labeled skinny by the males, as the adjective marks their appearance unattractive or repellent according to the opposing gender. Never relate or call someone skinny if you don’t wanna appear ill-mannered and rude.

Skinny beings can be notable from the others in anywhere as they look to be long-limbed and thin because of their appearance. In essence, if you have nothing to eat and lessen your body of nutrients if you avoid or skip the main and most significant food of the day, and if you consume all of your strength or energy in the work, you going to be skinny.

Impacts of Being Skinny

Scaring but factual, being skinny and not compelling precautionary measures such as consistent workout and exercise can have terrible impacts. Our health and fitness aren’t in the figure on a scale. It’s about the food and nutrients we put in or interject, and the total of exertion and effort we expend and consume. Skinny people usually have less strength than those who are fatter. Very skinny people can come to appear that they suffer a disease by its emaciated aspect. People with very low weight or being skinny usually suffer anemia, fainting, malnutrition, etc.

Key Differences

  1. A slim person has an attractively thin and well-shaped body, while Skinny means you lack muscles, you don’t weigh much, and you’re overall small-framed.
  2. Slim is slightly fatter than skinny.
  3. Slim has a positive or neutral connotation, whereas skinny has a negative connotation.
  4. A slim person has no discernible muscle mass but not fat or overly skinny, and a skinny person has borderline anorexics.
  5. Slim is not skinny, but lean, while skinny is lanky/ weak.
  6. Slim is a euphemism for the word skinny.


In the end, we can say that persons must ‘love their physiques the way they are or referred’ and at that time start doing modifications in them. For a reason that being too conscious or attentive about look makes a person unhappy, and steady grief or sorrow causes gloom and depression.

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