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Difference Between Cappuccino and Latte


Main Difference

Cappuccino and Latte both are the two famous kinds of Coffee drinks that are daily consumed by millions worldwide. People often mix up these two different coffee drinks as they are quite similar in ingredients and appearance. The both drinks are Italian coffee drinks, so that is also a big reason due to which these are considered to be same. The major difference between these two coffee drinks is of their taste. Cappuccino is more about the milk foam prepared from traditional espresso coffee. It is usually more dependent on the amount and kind of cream used despite milk. On the other hand, latte is the kind of coffee that involved steamed milk. It is all about steamed milk when it comes to latte. Latte can be served hot and even cold also depending on the type and personal preference whereas cappuccino is always hot with trademark foam on the surface.

Comparison Chart

Originated In
18 Century17 Century
Cappuccino is the Italian kind of coffee drink that is prepared from double espresso coffee, hot milk and cream foam on the surface.Latte of Café Latte is also Italian kind of Coffee drink that is prepared from more steamed and textured milk.
Milk Type
Hot less steamed milk with cream foam.More steamed and textured milk,
Cappuccino tastes more like creamed coffee with a thick foam layer on the surface.Latte has more taste of textured milk along with traditional coffee touch.
Used as
It is only used as Hot coffee.It is used both as hot coffee and cold as well.
Serving Style
Cappuccino is usually served in the traditional coffee glasses along with a saucer.Latte is usually served in porcelain cups that are disposable in nature and possess good heat preservation facility.

What is Cappuccino?

Cappuccino is one of the world’s most famous type of coffee that is consumed on a daily basis by millions of people all around the globe. Cappuccino is preferred because of its unique, classy taste and viscous texture of the cream and foam present on the surface of the coffee. The cappuccino was initially originated in Italy for the first time. Italy is already considered the home of coffee as many famous coffee drinks do originate from Italy including cappuccino, moccasin, latte, etc. Cappuccino is the kind of coffee drink that is prepared with double espresso coffee, with less textured milk, cream, etc. The main trademark identity of cappuccino is its amazing soothing taste and the thick layer of foam formed by the cream. It is more concerned with the kind of cream and amount used in the cappuccino rather than the milk as like in various other coffee drink kinds. Cappuccino is considered as the best form of hot coffee. In addition to the double espresso coffee, the cream and temperature of the milk used are very much important making a good cappuccino. The best taste is found when the cream and milk are added at a particular level of hot temperature to give it maximum smooth and velvety touch. Other than the ingredients a perfect cappuccino also depends on the barista. Barista is the man who prepares coffee in the coffee houses, or we can say the professional coffee maker. Cappuccino introduced in 18 century in Italy. The modern form of cappuccino coffee is said to be prepared firstly in Vienna. Later on due to its unique and pleasing taste it was soon famous in Europe, Australia, and America (Not particularly in North America). After the 1990s it finds more exposure worldwide and made its way to North America and rest part of the world. Currently, it is getting quite famous in Asia, Middle East, and South Asian countries as well. Nowadays coffee machines are more preferred regarding preparing coffees, but still, cappuccino is best made when made by a skill-full and professional barista.


What is Latte?

Latte is another famous kind of coffee drink that was too originated in Italy. Although latte is much older and traditional than a cappuccino, it is not that much famous worldwide as cappuccino is famous. All at the end depends on the personal choice and preference of the taste. As it too originates from Italy, many around the world thought both these kinds to be same or consider latte a kind of cappuccino. This concept is totally wrong as a latte is way different kind of coffee drink than cappuccino regarding taste. Latte or more famous as Café Latte is the Italian coffee drink that is prepared with steamed milk. In other words, we can say that the kind of coffee drink that is prepared from more textured milk. Unlike cappuccino it is not about the cream or the thick foam at the surface of coffee, it is all about the milk. Unlike cappuccino, it is served hot as well as cold too.

Cappuccino vs. Latte

  • Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink that is prepared from double espresso coffee, milk, and cream.
  • Latte is an Italian coffee drink that is prepared from steamed or more textured milk.
  • Cappuccino as thick foam on the surface.
  • Latte can be served hot and cold both.
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