Difference Between Salad Cream and Mayonnaise


Main Difference

The main difference between Salad Cream and Mayonnaise is that Salad Cream contains more vinegar than oil, whereas Mayonnaise contains more oil and less vinegar.

Salad Cream vs. Mayonnaise

Salad cream is less thick. Mayonnaise is thicker. Salad cream is used to boost the flavor of the salad. Mayonnaise is used as a base of many other sauces and can also use as a sandwich spread. Salad dressing can be used as a dip for vegetables and contain more ingredients. Mayonnaise can also use as a dip for chips. Traditionally salad cream is mainly made by blending egg yolks with olive oil and double cream, which is all seasoned with mustard, lemon juice, salt, and white pepper. Mayonnaise is made by simply blending of egg yolks, oil salt, and lemon juice. Salad cream used as a sandwich spread. Mayonnaise used as a sauce with fries etc.


In salad cream, less amount of egg yolk used — more amount of egg yolk used in making mayonnaise. In salad cream, more rapeseed oil use. Salad cream has a blend of double cream, vinegar, plus some seasonings. Mayonnaise only has water and seasonings. Heinz salad cream is about 293kcal/100g. Hellmann’s mayonnaise contains 721kcal/100g. The quantity of fats and calories is higher in salad cream. Fats and calories quantity are higher in mayonnaise. In salad cream, many spices added. In mayonnaise, no spices added for taste. Salad cream contains less sugar as compared to mayonnaise. More sugar is added in mayonnaise comparatively. We use salad cream just for salad. We can use mayonnaise as a base of sauces or sandwich spread as well.


Comparison Chart

Salad CreamMayonnaise
It is a salad dressingIt is a base of other sauces
Rapeseed Oil
Pasteurized Egg Yolk
Less used (3%)More used (5%)
Fewer fats (23.8g)More fats (70g)
Generally yellowVaries from white to cream or pale yellow
Creamy in natureLight cream to a thick gel
Mainly Used For
Salad, sandwich spreadMainly for sauces
Proportion of Oil
Less oilMore oil
Quantity of Vinegar
More vinegarLess vinegar
Less thickThicker

What is Salad Cream?

Salad cream and mayonnaise are not much different from each other because of their ingredients, and that’s the reason they are said to be the same. Generally, salad cream includes water, oil, mustard, salt egg yolks, sugar, vinegar, vegetable oil, and modified cornflour. It is making by adjusting the emulsion ratio to 20-25% of oil in water. In 1914 Heinz Company first introduced the salad cream.

In the 19th century, it gained a lot of popularity and widely used. Salad cream mostly uses as a traditional garden salad in British. Salad cream is lower in both calories and fat because the main ingredients are water and vinegar and only around 22% volume of oil. It’s a well-liked replacement of mayonnaise in sandwiches.

In 2018 Heinz Company renamed the salad cream to “sandwich cream.” We can also skip calories by using 30% less fat salad cream, which contains 16cal and 1.5g fat per 15g portion of cream. Salad cream is the best choice if you want a tasty addition to your meal without increasing calories and fats. Salad cream is usually splurged to the side of the plate in the same way as we use tomato ketchup. Sometimes it is also used with chopped onions.

Heinz salad cream has fewer calories because Heinz doesn’t use double cream, and neither have they used olive oil. They don’t even use many egg yolks. Instead of olive oil, they used rapeseed oil, spirit vinegar, and cornflour to stimulate the consistency and taste.

What is Mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise is also said as mayo; it also contains similar ingredients like oil, vinegar, egg yolks, condiments, and spices as in salad cream. Mayonnaise is an egg yolk mixture that makes it thickened with oil and Dijon mustard and flavored with lemon juice. Regarding the origin of mayonnaise, there are different claims. Many people believe that In Spain, mayonnaise was popular with the name that is “Salsa Mahonesa.” Mayonnaise is a popular dip sauce and mainly used for salad dressings. In mayonnaise, as compared to salad cream percentage of edible vegetable oil is greater than vinegar. The important ingredient of mayonnaise is an edible oil, and it is so high in fat.

However, Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise makes by using 78% rapeseed oil. If you are a die-hard fan of mayonnaise, then the best option is to choose its low-fat version, and if you eat it regularly, then stick to a very small quantity.

Mayonnaise Used As

  • Fry Sauce: It is a mixture of mayonnaise, ketchup, spices, Tabasco sauce, and soya sauce.
  • Marie Rose Sauce: It is a mixture of tomato sauce, cream, mayonnaise, and brandy.
  • Ranch Dressing: It is a mixture of buttermilk or sour milk, green onions, mayonnaise, and seasonings.
  • Rouille: It is a mixture of mayonnaise, saffron, red pepper, and paprika.
  • Salsa Golf: It is a mixture of ketchup, red pepper, oregano, and mayonnaise.
  • Sauce Remoulade: It is a mixture of mustard, gherkins, capers, parsley, anchovy, and mayonnaise.
  • Tartar Sauce: It is a mixture of mayonnaise and pickles.

Key Differences

  1. Salad Cream is lower in calories and fat, whereas Mayonnaise is higher in both fats and calories.
  2. Salad Cream consists of more artificial condiments. On the other hand, Mayonnaise contains less artificial ingredients.
  3. Less sugar is added to Salad Cream; conversely, Mayonnaise is quite high in sugar.
  4. Salad Cream has comparatively less viscosity; on the flip side, Mayonnaise has comparatively more viscosity.
  5. Salad Cream contains different substances such as spices, milk, etc. while Mayonnaise doesn’t contain such spices.
  6. Salad Cream is affordable as compared to Mayonnaise.
  7. The quantity of rapeseed oil is much lower in Salad Cream rather than Mayonnaise.
  8. Salad Cream is mostly white, although Mayonnaise is pale in color.
  9. A variety of Salad Cream is not available in the market, while there is a full range of varieties of Mayonnaise available in the market.
  10. Readymade first Salad Cream is first introduced in the United Kingdom, while the first readymade Mayonnaise is introduced in Paris.
  11. Quality of Salad Cream is creamy in nature, while the quality of Mayonnaise is like a thick gel.
  12. Salad Cream uses more vinegar, and Mayonnaise uses less vinegar comparatively.
  13. Salad Cream is mostly preferred by the diet conscious people rather than mayonnaise.
  14. Salad Cream is also used in the cooked process e.g., in the pudding, while Mayonnaise is mostly used uncooked.
  15. Salad Cream is highly pasteurized; on the flip side, Mayonnaise is lightly pasteurized.
  16. Salad Cream is sweeter compared to the Mayonnaise.


It is concluded that Salad Cream is lighter in diet, and Mayonnaise is fattier.

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