Difference Between Marriage and Wedding


Main Difference

The main difference between Marriage and Wedding is that the term Marriage states to the relationship, the long run sharing of lives of two. Whereas a wedding denotes to the definite formal procedure that bonds two individuals in the marriage.

Marriage vs. Wedding

Making a partner for life or an enduring association among two persons considered as a marriage. For example, my parents have a strong marriage. They get together for 37 years. While the wedding is a ritual or event, which normally held after or during the marriage. For example, Sara is going to her friend’s wedding.

Marriage is the legal partnership contract that you form with another person; if all goes well, it lasts a full lifetime of the shortest-lived partner. The partner still living may re-enter a new marriage contract without compromising or taking away from the previous contract. Whereas Weddings are celebratory and declaratory events (where you declare that you are entering into this marriage contract, to friends, family, and legal witnesses) at which the contract of a partnership signed, and they celebrate the beginning of their partnership with their guests.


Marriage may end by Divorce (a canceling of the contract) or Death. While your wedding ends, basically when everyone goes home. Marriage is a legally binding contract among two individuals that filed or made with the government. If you and your companion are not tending to have a wedding ritual, you can get even married. But a wedding is retained for religious or personal causes to celebrate your unification in the presence of many eyewitnesses and cannot be happened if the marriage agreement will not be existing.

Comparison Chart

Marriage is the name of a lifelong institution, and it is a union between individual people, which starts after the wedding.A wedding is a collective name used for all the ceremonies and rituals that take place to give social acceptance to the relationship between two people.
Marriage remains last longer.A wedding remains for a few days.
Sometimes it can also mean the ceremony.Never used except to mean the ceremony.
Legal partnershipEvent
Someone have a marriage without having a wedding.Someone cannot have a wedding without a marriage contract
Commitment, respect, and selflessnessPlanning and time

What is Marriage?

Marriage is the procedure in which a couple of individuals create their link or relationship official, public, and everlasting. A normally accepted and including the explanation of marriage is that it is an official joining together and legal and social contract among two persons that bond their lives emotionally, economically, emotionally, and legally. The vowed marriage contract generally indicates that the couple has lawful or legal responsibilities mutually all over their lives or until they dissociate or divorce.

Some marriage has been identified to be in all social or human cultures, present, and past. Its significance can see in the complex and elaborate laws and formalities or rituals nearby it. While these rituals and laws are as different and several as cultural and social organizations, more or less generality do apply.

The ceremonies and rituals encircling marriage in most humanities or cultures are related mainly to fecundity and legalize the importance and meaning of marriage for the extension of a circle, society, or people. They also state a communal or familiar authorization of the mutual or collective choice and sympathy and understanding of the problems and sacrifices intricate in making often deemed or considered.

Keys to a Successful Marriage

  • Communicate with your life partner clearly and often
  • Tell your life partner that you’re thankful for having him or her in your life
  • Make time for each other
  • Plan for some personal time
  • Understand that it’s OK to disagree
  • Build trust

What is Wedding?

A wedding is a procedure or celebration and its related ceremonies by which two individuals are undertaking to devote their lives collectively in marriage. However, it is an event of celebration of partnership and love; a wedding is personalized to unite in a variety of means, from couple nature to their cultural or religious principles. Therefore, each wedding is slightly different. However, there are some components to a wedding that incline to be worldwide.

Wedding rituals vary significantly. Some are very customary, even though other rituals or ceremonies are more random activities that are very temporal. A wedding may be the formal procedure get alone with little close invitees or an intricate all-day event that contains dance and reception.

A wedding may be a means for a family to show their financial and social position. Some couples use it as a tactic to precise their characters, personalities, morals, and values. It is no least possible that a couple need spend or devote—the elementary promises or undertakings and contracts are free—however, some couples have used up millions of bucks on their great day.

A wedding is not about the unite or couple be married. It is moreover an interchange among the couple and the public of friends and family. It is an occasion where the couple promises or oaths must be together as a support pillar and instantaneously thank you for their communal for supporting and loving and supporting them.

Key Differences

  1. Marriage denotes the real long-run relationship or association, and a wedding denotes a ceremony for a formal procedure that rejoices two persons together.
  2. Marriage is the outcome of the wedding ceremony and hopefully lasts longer, whereas a wedding is a ceremony – one that lasts 5 mins or five days, depending on how you choose to do it.
  3. Marriage sometimes can also mean the ceremony, while a wedding never used except to mean the ceremony.
  4. A marriage is a legal partnership contract, and a wedding is an event where the partnership is entered into, blessed, and celebrated.
  5. You can have a marriage without ever having a wedding, but you cannot have a real wedding without a marriage contract being entered into.
  6. Marriage brings everything out in people, and weddings often bring out the best and worst in people.
  7. Marriage requires effort, commitment, respect, and selflessness, while weddings require planning and time.


In conclusion, traditions depending on the cultures of different places, are often different, have their practices, rites, beliefs, and ceremonies, but there are some that all coincide since wedding and marriage have the same importance and significance over time and anywhere in the world.

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