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Type A Personality vs. Type B Personality: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 25, 2023
Type A personality is competitive and time-driven, while Type B personality is relaxed and less stressed about deadlines.

Key Differences

Type A personality is often characterized by an intense drive, competitiveness, and a persistent desire to achieve. On the other hand, Type B personality is more laid-back, displaying a relaxed approach to life without the constant push to accomplish goals. Type A individuals can be seen as aggressive go-getters, eager to seize every opportunity. In contrast, Type B personalities might be perceived as calm, patient, and more at ease with letting things unfold naturally.
The hallmark of Type A personality is its urgency, often seen in multitasking, impatience, and a strong need to complete tasks immediately. Type B personality, in contrast, tends to operate without this sense of urgency, often showcasing patience, the ability to enjoy the moment, and a relaxed attitude towards time. While the Type A person might be easily frustrated with delays, the Type B person is more likely to take them in stride.
Type A personality is frequently linked to higher stress levels and a greater risk of health issues due to its high-strung nature. Type B personality, meanwhile, often experiences lower stress levels because of their ability to handle situations with a calm demeanor. The Type A individual is more likely to burn out quickly due to constant pressure, whereas the Type B individual might navigate life’s challenges with a balanced and steady approach.
In the workplace, Type A personality might be seen as the one constantly striving for advancement, working long hours, and seeking recognition. In comparison, Type B personality could be the team member who values work-life balance, doesn’t sweat the small stuff, and focuses on enjoying the journey rather than just the destination.

Comparison Chart

Response to Time

Time-driven and impatient
Relaxed approach to deadlines

Stress Levels

Higher due to urgency
Lower due to calm demeanor

Work Approach

Goal-oriented and competitive
Laid-back, values balance

Reaction to Challenges

Tackles aggressively, might get frustrated
Handles with patience and ease

Interpersonal Relationships

Might be seen as dominant or controlling
Often easy-going and more collaborative

Type A Personality and Type B Personality Definitions

Type A Personality

Type A behavior often includes multitasking and a desire for control.
Maria's Type A personality shone through when she managed multiple projects at once.

Type B Personality

People with Type B tendencies enjoy the moment and are less driven by urgency.
Jack's Type B personality allowed him to savor his vacation without a strict itinerary.

Type A Personality

This personality type is linked to high levels of stress and urgency.
Her Type A personality meant she was always on the move, seeking the next big thing.

Type B Personality

Type B behavior showcases patience and a balanced approach to challenges.
Amy's Type B personality made her the go-to person for handling difficult clients with grace.

Type A Personality

People with Type A tendencies can be impatient and time-driven.
With his Type A personality, Mark found waiting in lines excruciating.

Type B Personality

Type B personality is marked by a relaxed, easy-going nature.
Lisa's Type B personality meant she rarely got upset over traffic jams.

Type A Personality

Type A individuals are often highly competitive.
Due to his Type A personality, Jake always wanted to win every game.

Type B Personality

This personality type often takes a laid-back approach to time and deadlines.
With a Type B personality, Nina never fretted about turning in projects at the last minute.

Type A Personality

Type A personality is characterized by a constant need to achieve.
Sarah's Type A personality made her the top salesperson in her company.

Type B Personality

Individuals with Type B traits are less competitive and more collaborative.
Thanks to his Type B personality, Tom was always the peacemaker in group settings.


Can someone exhibit both Type A and Type B traits?

Absolutely, many people display a mix of characteristics from both personality types.

Are Type B personalities perceived as lazy?

Not necessarily. While they're more relaxed, they can be just as productive without the urgency.

What's the primary distinction between Type A and Type B personalities?

Type A is competitive and time-driven, while Type B is relaxed and less stressed about deadlines.

Are Type A personalities more prone to health issues?

Research suggests that the constant stress and urgency associated with Type A might lead to higher health risks.

Are these personality types scientifically proven?

The concepts are based on observational research but are broad generalizations, and individuals are more complex than these categories.

Are Type B personalities less ambitious?

Not necessarily. They might be ambitious but approach their goals in a more relaxed manner.

Do Type A personalities always seek leadership roles?

While they might have a natural inclination for leadership, not all Type A individuals desire or pursue leadership roles.

How do Type B personalities handle stress?

They often manage stress with a calm and relaxed approach, focusing on the bigger picture.

How do Type A and Type B personalities view success?

Type A might focus on tangible achievements and recognition, while Type B may prioritize balance and contentment.

Are there any other personality types besides A and B?

While A and B are popular distinctions, there are various other personality models and types.

Can work culture favor one personality type over another?

Yes, certain industries or roles might naturally attract or favor one personality type due to the job's nature.

Can Type A individuals be good team players?

Yes, though they may naturally gravitate towards leadership roles due to their assertive nature.

Is it easier for Type B personalities to handle rejection?

Generally, Type B individuals may handle setbacks with more composure due to their laid-back nature.

Can upbringing influence one's personality type?

Yes, environment, upbringing, and experiences can shape personality traits.

Can one change from a Type A to a Type B personality over time?

Personalities can evolve over time, but core tendencies often remain consistent.

Is one personality type better than the other?

Neither is "better." Both have their strengths and challenges, and the best type often depends on the situation.

Is it challenging for Type A and Type B personalities to collaborate?

Collaboration is possible, but understanding and respecting each personality type's strengths and differences is crucial.

Are Type A personalities more prone to stress?

Yes, Type A personalities often experience higher stress levels due to their sense of urgency and competitiveness.

Are Type B personalities better at multitasking?

Not necessarily. While Type A individuals often multitask due to urgency, Type B individuals might focus more on one task at a time, but with ease.

Is one personality type more common than the other?

It varies by region and culture, but both types are fairly common.
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