Difference Between New York and Chicago


Main Difference

New York and Chicago both are the cities of the United Sates. New York city is the most populous city of the United States. New York is a big city having headquarters of the United Nations. Chicago is the third most populous city of the United States having largest number of U.S. highways and railroads freight. Chicago is cleaner and safer than New York City and is cheaper as well

What is New York?

New York city is in the Northeastern United States. It is in the center of New York Metropolitan area. It is a global power city and exerts strong impacts upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology ,education and is a important city for international diplomacy. It is situated on of the world’s largest harbor. Total area of New York City is 1214 km2 .The Statue of Liberty in New York City is the symbol of the United States. New York has 120 colleges and universities. Its Columbia University and New York University are among top 35 of the world’s top ranking universities. About 37% population of New York in foreign born.


What is Chicago?

It is the city of Illinois state of U.S. Chicago is the city between two Great Lakes and Mississippi River watershed. Chicago is crosses over by rivers, lakes and canals with beautiful lake waterfront. It is an important city having the O’Hare International Airport which is most busiest airport in the world making Chicago international hub. Total area of Chicago is 606 km2 . It is also known as ‘Windy City’ or ‘Second City’. It is the city with four seasons of summer hot, winter cold and snowy, spring and autumn mild with low humidity.

Key Differences

  • Chicago is much cleaner and safer than New York City.
  • Chicago is smaller as compared to New York.
  • Chicago has alleys and New York doesn’t have alleys.
  • Chicago is a slower pace than New York.
  • Crime rate is less in Chicago as compare to New York.
  • Chicago is cheaper city as compare to New York.
  • New York stays up all night where as Chicago sleeps after 12 am.
  • New York features better gateways as compare to Chicago.
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