Netflix vs. Hulu

Main Difference

There are numerous online streaming platforms which provide people with the opportunity of watching the stuff they want. Every application that is there has its own features. Some features are provided by one while others are provided by the second. Netflix and Hulu are two similar platforms where the availability of latest shows mean people are always interested to know how they are different from each other. The first main difference between Hulu and Netflix is the most recent programs. On Hulu, the current television shows and their episodes are uploaded in the next 24 hours, for the people who are using the premium service. On Netflix, the new series take almost a year to be available. Another difference between the two is that Netflix produces its own original shows while Hulu does not have original content and depends on other services for its content. One thing that differentiates them is that there are no adverts on Netflix while Hulu has loads advertisements which can cause inconvenience to the people watching. The best choice for individuals who are interested in watching movies will be Netflix while personnel who prefer to watch TV shows will find more value on Hulu. There is not much difference in the prices and other services both of them offer. A short description on both these online streaming platforms is given in the next two paragraphs which will help to understand their specific uses.

Netflix vs. Hulu — Is There a Difference?

Difference Between Netflix and Hulu

Netflix vs. Hulu

The main difference between these two is the content which they provide. Netflix concentrates more on movies and on-demand television while Hulu has focused more on latest television shows.

Netflix vs. Hulu

Netflix has more subscribers as compared to Hulu, with more than 85 million customers it is way ahead of Hulu which has 12 million.

Netflix vs. Hulu

There are adverts in the Hulu application even the premier version while there are no ads in Netflix once you use the paid version.

Netflix vs. Hulu

The prices differ only slightly, Netflix charges unanimous amount of $ 7.99 every month while Hulu can charge between $ 8 – $ 9 on a monthly

Netflix vs. Hulu

Both of them have their headquarters in California, but the exact locations are different. Netflix is based in Los Angles while Hulu is based in Los Gatos.

Netflix vs. Hulu

Current episodes of latest shows are available on Hulu while Netflix shows programs which are more than a year old, with rent.


Netflix vs. Hulu

Netflix has original content and a bigger database of programs as compared to Hulu.

Comparison Chart

Netflix concentrates more on movies and on-demand televisionHulu has focused more on latest television shows.
Netflix has more subscribers as compared to Hulu, with more than 85 millionHulu has less in comparison with 12 million
The prices differ only slightly, Netflix charges unanimous amount of $ 7.99 every monthHulu can charge between $ 8 – $ 9 on a monthly
Netflix is based in Los AnglesHulu is based in Los Gatos

Definition of Netflix

Netflix is world’s most popular platform for watching the stuff that people like. It includes television plays, movies, music and other programs which are the interest of individuals. Initially, it started in the United States and Canada but now has expanded its services to 190 other countries and had over 85 million subscribers all over the world, and because of this reason became the most used online television application. When an individual joins the platform, they can watch the latest movies and program among which Netflix also has original content produced for its own users. People have to subscribe to use this service, and there are monthly charges for it, the first month is given for free to individuals who want to get an idea of this service. Different movies and programs have to be rented and aren’t latest.

Definition of Hulu

Hulu is also one of the most modern applications where people can watch their favorite shows, latest movies and other programs in which they are interested in. A wide range of stuff is available for streaming in the commercial free version in which people have to pay a subscription fee, or else they can make use of the limited commercial plan which is free of cost. The programs available are latest, and some of the stuff has never been available on the internet before. The quality of the programming available is good too, and most of them are available in high definition quality. Content is regularly updated, so you don’t miss out on the next episode of the show you are watching. It provides most programs in high definition of 720p but there is no option of watching programs in greater resolution currently, though this feature will soon be introduced. People cannot rent stuff on this website because all the latest episodes are uploaded instantly.


Watching movies online has become a habit for most people who do not have much time. This article has given the detail about the two main online content provides Netflix and Hulu and detailed the main differences and similarities between them so that people are able to know more about them and hopefully that aim has been achieved.